One Man’s Inspirational Quest To Meet Larry Bird

You might not think it worth your time to read a very long blog post about meeting an NBA executive, but before you judge the story linked below, there’s a couple of things you should know. First, the executive in question is Larry Bird, President of Basketball Operations for the Pacers. Second, it’s a pretty […]


Speed Read: Wait - WSU Cougar RB Almost Died?

It’s not often that injury news takes us completely aback, but that’s absolutely the case over in Pullman tonight. One slightly mentioned aspect of last weekend’s game pitting Washington State against Southern Methodist was WSU’s tailback, James Montgomery, suffering an apparent knee injury. Not that those aren’t serious, but, y’know… they happen.

But one thing that […]


UO Coach Chip Kelly Reimburses Angry Ducks Fan

It’s perfectly natural for a football fan to be pissed off after their team loses a game. People say things, throw things, and drink things they don’t really mean to - it’s part of being a college football fan. When your team does so in embarrassing and epic fashion, as the Oregon Ducks did in […]


One Syrupy Vince Young Story To Lift Your Spirits

We tend to get pretty cynical around here; understandable, because there’s only three parking spaces at SbB, and Gaines takes them all up with his used motorhome. But every now and then a story hits us like a basket of kittens, and we must emote. This item about Vince Young and the young sons of […]


Aaron Boone Makes Us Feel All Happy About Stuff

OK, we needed a story like this one. Tonight is Aaron Boone night at Wrigley Field, as the third baseman triumphantly returns to the Astros after undergoing open-heart surgery in March. You don’t hear “triumphant” and “Astros” in the same sentence very often, so enjoy it. Gratifying doesn’t half describe it.

Boone had just signed with […]


Rescued Goat Gets Hero’s Welcome In Minnesota

If there’s any truth at all to a certain Chicago Cubs curse involving livestock, the Green Bay Packers may have bought themselves a whole lot of trouble. We take you now to Tires Plus in Winona, MN, where mechanics working on a car heard strange cries coming from the trunk.

So they open it, and inside […]


Yankee Stadium Gives Out Free Food… Sort Of

One of the biggest allures of seeing a baseball game is the food. Sure, all sports’ stadiums sell food of some sort, but only baseball has the deep emotional connection to hot dogs, nachos, and all the other sensory overloaders that come with an evening at the ballpark.

So it would seem that the best food […]


Football Player Begins Second Career In Opera

Despite what marketers and sportswriters want you to believe, professional athletes are not usually that different off the court than the general population. OK, sure, there’s the whole “millions of dollars” thing that lends itself to a different lifestyle than we live, but as people, athletes have the same different personalities and interests as anyone […]


Jordan & The Giant Inflatable Penis: Another View

Another dramatic photo of the brazen Michael Jordan giant inflatable penis attack has crossed our desk, and we share it with you now. Mothers, please cover the computer screen with a dish towel.

Yes Michael, I would cower too if I saw that coming at me. Our contact is Elizabeth, and I’m not sure if that’s […]


Michael Jordan Inflatable Penis Girl Tells Her Story

First of all, I can only imagine what Osama bin Laden thought when he turned on the TV in his cave to watch a little golf, and saw a woman running toward Michael Jordan while waving a giant, polyurethane penis. The terrorists hate us for our inflatable plastic sex toys. Anyway, now the girl who […]