Pryor Sells Out OSU For Few Lousy Game Checks

In the Sept. 1, 2011, report to the NCAA from Ohio State that resulted in the suspensions of Buckeye football players Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown, OSU reported that the violations were “discovered” by the school on “August 31, 2011.”

As of Sept. 13, 2011, Terrelle Pryor’s last Tweet was … wait for it […]


2008: Ohio St. Broke Rules at Same Charity Event

EXCLUSIVE: Ohio State football players Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown remain suspended after the school recently reported to the NCAA that the three received $200 each - from envelopes - at a Cleveland charity event last February.

(Smith in ‘08: Non-compliant at same event Buckeyes were paid in 2011)
As part of its report […]


Crowell Single Demand Changing UGA Gameplan?

Running back Isaiah Crowell was as celebrated a signing as Georgia football coach Mark Richt has experienced since he arrived in Athens.

(Will Crowell refusal to give up #1 cost speedster Smith offensive touches?)
But if the man charged with mapping UGA’s game plan Saturday against South Carolina is right, Crowell may actually be speeding Richt’s Georgia […]


Julio Jones: Pregame ‘Pump Up’ At Suit Store!?!

The below photo and accompanying caption, “Julio getting pumped up for the game!“, was uploaded to the now-deleted Facebook account of disassociated Alabama booster and T-Town Menswear owner Tom Al-Betar on September 4, 2010:

(Inset: Al-Betar sideline photo from 2008(!) season)
September 4, 2010 also happened to be the day Alabama played San Jose State at […]


‘befor duke game with my boys fitting there suit’

Before he deleted both of his Facebook accounts last month, Alabama booster and T-Town Menswear owner Tom Al-Betar published several photos to one of those accounts in an album titled, “befor duke game me and my boys fitting there suit.”

The photos show Al-Betar, ex-Alabama football player Julio Jones and current Crimson Tide star Trent Richardson […]


Compliance Helping Educate Alabama’s Team?

In an April 27, 2011, interview with Aaron Wilson of, Julio Jones talked about his football future after leaving the Alabama football program.

Wilson’s last question to Jones: “What’s your goal off the field?”

“I want to be financially stable, first of all. I don’t want to be one of those guys that’s broke after they […]


Burfict Incident: 9 Witnesses, Including Erickson!

After Arizona State’s football scrimmage today, Dennis Erickson was asked about my earlier report that ASU linebacker Vontaze Burfict initiated a heated altercation with Arizona State assistant football coach Steve Broussard.

(8 players witnessed Burfict menacing ASU’s Broussard + Erickson!)
From Craig Morgan of Fox Sports Arizona:
Coach Dennis Erickson called the report: “totally ridiculous.” He added, […]


Highlights From Oregon Football Stars Traffic Stop

Highlights from the Cheech and Chong-inspired Cliff Harris and Darron Thomas “we smoked it all!” traffic stop:


Harris saying, “we smoked it all” when asked by Oregon State Patrol officer, “whose got the marijuana in the car?“

Harris at one point claiming he had no drivers license of any kind. (OSP officer: “Do you have an […]


Bama Star: Another Outing With Ousted Booster

Three weeks ago this now-deleted Facebook photo of Trent Richardson having dinner with officially disassociated Alabama booster and Tuscaloosa suit store owner Tom Al-Betar at a Japanese steakhouse in Tuscaloosa surfaced on the site

(Evidence of  disgraced booster’s relationship to Bama stars piling up)
Now a new photo of Richardson and T-Town Menwear […]


Why Is Nico Johnson Signing Cleats In Suit Store?

Friday I documented current starting Alabama linebacker Nico Johnson’s relationship with Tuscaloosa suit store owner and disassociated University of Alabama football booster Tom Al-Betar.

Facebook-dated and camera-timestamped photos and a now-deleted Facebook video posted by Al-Betar showed Johnson out to dinner with the defrocked Alabama booster twice and inside Al-Betar’s T-Town Menswear store on multiple occasions.