Nerf Guns Make Me Want To Play With Nerf Again

Okay, it’s debatable whether Nerf guns qualify as “sport,” per se, but we think we can safely tuck it into the rarely-used “Hunting & Fishing” section. No, you’re not going to take out a 12-point buck with these things, but why hunt deer when you can hunt the most dangerous game of all: man?

(Good lord, […]


Chipper Jones Has Mexican Deer Stand Standoff

If you’re like me, you’re constantly wondering “What’s the largest number of Mexican immigrants Chipper Jones has had in his truck at one time?” The answer, of course, is 15, which the Atlanta Braves infielder revealed during an interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta recently.

Jones owns a ranch in South Texas, about 15 miles […]


Angler Smuggles Fish From Home Into Contest

Barry Bonds‘ records may still be on the books, but at least there’s justice in one sport. In an ice-fishing contest in Wisconsin, the winner forfeited first place after allegations that he smuggled the winning fish from home. Jeez, that’s pretty much the lowest of the low.

Lee Shehow gave back his first-prize $28,000 Dodge pickup, […]


Woman Gets Drunk, Drives Her Car Into A Horse

The ending to last night’s Super Bowl was pretty damn amazing — and even more amazing if you have Comcast in Tucson — but aside from the final score of the game a lot of people are interested in the final tally of arrests made in Tampa last night.  Well, much like the final few […]


Web Site Sells Camo Bibles, Hunting Christianity

Say you’re a good ol’ boy, a real hillbilly hunter. All you want to do is spend your weekends out in the woods, hiding behind a shelter with a six-pack case keg of beer while they wait for wild deer to come eat the free food you leave out for them … so you can […]


Bambi Murderer Bonds Finally Lands Endorsement

As if you didn’t have enough reasons for hating Barry Bonds: now he’s gone and killed Bambi’s mom. The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports that the disgraced home run king has become a celebrity endorser for Christensen Arms, a maker of high-powered hunting rifles. And a video on their Web site shows him in Canada, shooting […]


Fmr. Cheerleader Won’t Leave Bar, Gets Arrested

Sign number one that your reality contestant, former cheerleader fiancée might not be such a catch after all: she punches you in the face. Sign number two: she decides that the 2.a.m. last call in Texas isn’t late enough for her drinking needs, and the cops get involved.

Above is Mary Delgado, former Tampa Bay Bucs […]


Fisherwoman To Take On The Men, World Yawns

Billie Jean King. Katie Hnida. Annika Sorenstam. Gender pioneers who proved that the athletic gap between men and women is shrinking. Well, don’t add to that list Kim Bain, who deserves absolutely no attention for breaking the gender barrier in a “sport” that requires no physical prowess whatsoever: fishing.

Bain, by virtue of winning the […]


Zorn Likes Road Kill; Alexander Signing Explained

Washington Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn is no Bill Belichick.  While the Pats chief is known for his mastery of the art of “coachspeak” (that is, saying nothing at all of note in his press conferences), Zorn spent some time recently telling a reporter of his experience picking up and skinning road kill.

(How fitting that […]


Pat Summitt Sent To Hospital By Rascally Raccoon

Pat Summitt is the greatest coach in the history of women’s college basketball. Over the past 34 years, she’s coached the Tennessee Volunteers to a 983-182 record, while winning eight national titles and being named the NCAA coach of the year seven times. It seemed that there was absolutely nothing on earth that could stop […]