Montana Lottery Takes a Fantasy Football Gamble

The state of Montana is all set to introduce a brand-new way to satisfy both the fantasy football connoisseur and the suckers who buy lottery tickets. Beginning this season, you will be able to stroll into one of many designated Montana watering holes, fill out a fantasy lottery ticket with your choice of NFLers […]


Olympics Take Their Horse Drug Testing Seriously

If these Beijing Olympics have taught us anything, it’s that the human species is weak. While Olympic athletes of the homo erectus persuasion are allowed to pop some Aspirin if they have a little ouchy on their tuchus, horses are forced to suck it up and play through the pain. Like men! Like horse-men!

(Chicks dig […]


Showjumping’s Cheeky Move to Attract New Fans

The UK’s DAILY MAIL chronicles the efforts of the British Show Jumping Association to make the sport relevant again. “In a desperate attempt to update the stuffy image of showjumping, the sport’s bosses have persuaded two of the top young female riders to strip off for a photoshoot.”

Laura Renwick and Georgie Strutton have been called […]


Jockey Suspended 6 Mos. for Hitting Horse in Eye

A jockey who was once two-thirds of the way to the 2005 Triple Crown has been suspended after whipping his horse in the face.

The THOROUGHBRED TIMES reports that Jeremy Rose has been given a six-month suspension by the Delaware Thoroughbred Commission, after he allegedly hit Appeal to the City in the eye during a race […]


Big Brown Trainer Dopes Horse at Churchill Downs

Awhile back, we made a fabulously naïve comment about Rick Dutrow, Jr., offering a fresh and interesting (if rather braying) voice to the sports community that was entertaining and should be embraced. We’re kind of an idiot.

Dutrow can’t stop injecting himself into the news for all the wrong reasons. Now it’s because he […]


Were Loose Shoes To Blame For Big Brown Lot?

Most folks still haven’t come to grips with Big Brown’s last-place finish at the Belmont last month. The horse had a Phil Mickelson-ish collapse down the stretch that has gone completely unexplained–until now?

Extreme close-up photos of one of Brownie’s horseshoes may provide the clue for why the equine failed to perform.


Two More Horses Put Down at Churchill Downs

And the hits keep on coming for horse racing’s fragile base. Yesterday, two horses fractured rather important parts of their limbs during normal Saturday racing at Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) and had to be put down.

In the first of those accidents, the jockey (Shaun Bridgmohan) tumbled off the injured horse and […]


At Least One Kobe Bryant was a Winner This Week

Kobe Bryant was a big winner, after all. And we’re not horsing around.

Unfortunately for Lakers fans, we’re not talking about the b-ball superstar who was yet again denied NBA gold Tuesday night. The only Kobe Bryant to taste a championship this week was a harness racehorse in New Zealand.


Big Brown’s Trainer Throws Jockey Under Horse

Rick Dutrow, Jr., trainer of Big Brown and known sufferer of Verbal Diarrhea Disorder (VDD), took his last opportunity in the limelight before horse racing gets tossed back into the media hamper for another nine months to blame someone else for Big Brown’s lost Triple Crown package delivery Saturday.

Since the owners pay his salary and […]


Queen’s Granddaughter Riding For UK in Olympics

Meet Zara Phillips, a buxom British horse rider who’ll be trotting & leaping around Beijing this summer for the UK’s Olympic equestrian team.

She also happens to be 12th in line to the British throne.