KY Derby Winner Borel Is Amorous Sort Of Fellow

Screen shot of Calvin Borel kissing an outrider at Churchill Downs today:

The happy moment came after Borel rode Super Saver to victory in the Kentucky Derby. I’m pleased to report that that gentleman wasn’t the only person who received an amorous advance from Borel after the race.


Kentucky Derby Hats: The Tradition Continues

This year ESPN took over Kentucky Derby radio coverage from Westwood One, so that meant my family and friends welcomed Brent Musburger into our home today as we gathered ’round the radio to listen to the race. With Westwood One losing the rights, I was wondering where former Derby host Fred Manfra would land.

Nice to […]


Zenyatta Legend Eternal Without Announcer Call?

Hope you’ve gotten to see Zenyatta’s stunning win at the Breeder’s Cup yesterday. Considering all the circumstances before and during the race, the filly’s victory was beyond astonishing. Certainly goes down as one of the greatest performances ever.

(Inset: Santa Anita track announcer Trevor Denman - Photo Credit)
But I’m not so sure track announcer Trevor […]


This Car Is Serious Horsey Racing Business, Folks

Look, we can all agree that horse safety is a big deal, and surely anybody who isn’t a sick bastard/future serial killer wants to see issues like the Barbaro situation or the Eight Belles on-track euthanization fiasco. Thus, then, all steps forward in terms of monitoring training are good things, yes? Yes.

(Oh my God, they […]


Secretariat Lookalikes Line Up For Stardom, Hay

Forget that Michael Jackson movie; what I want to know is who is going to play Secretariat in the upcoming Walt Disney film on the horse’s life. They need five lookalikes to play the title role, and they have four; with the fifth lucky leading man to be chosen from a group of unknowns at […]


“College Day” At The Horse Track? GREAT IDEA!

Have you ever met a college student? They’re some of the most impulsive people on earth. Finally free of parental supervision and with gobs of free time on their hands, they’ll drink, fight, and screw their way in and out of problems with all the cautious self-preservation of a wolverine on cocaine.

(This is actually real.)
One […]


Del Mar Track Harnessing The Power Of Cougars

As we all know, cougars are indestructible — Demi Moore is still pretty hot, and  just who brought back those American journalists from North Korean captivity? My point exactly. But are cougars powerful enough to counter the terrible effects of a moribund U.S. economy? At Del Mar Racetrack near San Diego, they are indeed.

At Del […]


Churchill Downs Screws Up Friday Night Horsies

Churchill Downs, home of one of the wildest infields in horse racing for the Kentucky Derby (or at least it was), had a brilliant idea earlier this year. “Say,” they said (and we’re paraphrasing here, obviously). “Why not hold races at night for the first time ever? And on a Friday night? You think people […]


Favorite Club at US Open Might Be Canadian Club

Some people will tell you that they’re just fine consuming their office workers right from the cubicle, where they’ve been sitting still for years and letting their muscle tone waste away while dumping any ol’ crap from the vending machine in their feeding drawers.  However, the conscientious person with a taste for fine corporate drone […]


Insane Horse Destroys Famous Statue At Belmont

They say no one cares about horse racing outside of the Triple Crown. Well, one of racing’s most famous courses, a famous statue of the most famous horse, and a horse that completely lost his mind led to a tragic day, with the loss of a horse and the destruction of one of racing’s […]