A Revealing Quiz On The ‘Big Four’ Sports Teams

Heavy users of the Internet - most of whom are, in fact, quite heavy - know that as timesuckers go, nothing matches SPORCLE and its plethora of largely useless quizzes.

(If you see this logo, your productivity’s already dead.)
There are lessons to be learned from it, though, especially when it comes to brand recognition. Marketing advisors […]


Arena Gives Out Golden Tix To See Every Game

For as long as we can remember, Boston sports fans have had something of a reputation as being somewhat, well, annoying. Between the annoying Bahhston accent, the drunken loudmouthery, and the devotion bordering on obsession, the stereotypical Boston fan can be too much for normal people to take. It wasn’t so bad when their teams […]


That’s Not Really Sidney Crosby’s MySpace, Guys

After his Penguins’ remarkable run to the Stanley Cup, life’s probably never been better for Pittsburgh’s young phenom Sidney Crosby. If only he’d move out of Mario Lemieux’s house.

(”Back in my day, this was what we used for a Me-Space!” “God kill me now.”)
So it seemed like a stroke of genius when his “If You […]


‘Hawks Lose Paperwork, Could Lose Star Players

The good thing about restricted free agency is that it allows teams to hang on to their young talent, to give them time to become fan favorites and maybe even franchise players some day. It really would have been nice if the Blackhawks would have taken advantage of that.

In a move that seems like […]


Evgeni Malkin Hits Miami Beach With Hot Girlfriend

There must be a little-known rule in the NHL that in order to qualify for the Conn Smythe trophy, you must have a pretty hot girlfriend. Last year’s winner, Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings, got to take his trophy home to his gal pal Emma Andersson - a Swedish sweetie who reminds some […]


New Missouri Hockey Logo Looks Kind of Familiar

Nothing will raise the ire of a Kansas City sports fan more than the image of the gentlemen to our lower right; that logo, that face, that uniform … it’s the Rorschach Test of the Damned for any Missourian. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that John Elway engineered more comeback victories against the Kansas […]


Genius Chooses Sex Over Drug Test, Gets Banned

Sex: it’s lots of fun! Sure, it can lead to numerous problems, like STDs, pregnancy, and marriage, but it’s soooooo fun! Have you ever had sex? It’s amazing! Some people get to have sex as their job. They’re called superheroes.

(Our young hero, enjoying his Sex-Crazed Man of the Year award.)
One hockey player for the Polar […]


Sean Avery Discovers The Joy Of Sloppy Seconds

New York Ranger Sean Avery is generally known for being an annoying bastard, both on and off the ice. Whether he’s punching goalies in the head, going off on the opposing team’s fans, or talking about former girlfriends, Avery always seems to be in the middle of some controversy. You probably remember when Avery was […]


Speed Read: End Of The Road For Chris Chelios?

In case you hadn’t noticed, and after these many years it’s okay if you hadn’t, Chris Chelios has been around forever. For-eh-vur. The 47-year-old has literally spent a majority of his life as a player in the NHL, breaking into the league with Montreal during the 1983-84 season. Yeah, back when “Jump” was the hot […]


NHL Players Sue Golf Developer Over Porn Parties

When you give someone $25 million to build golf resorts, you might be a bit miffed when they use your dough to host parties with porn stars. And for an even bigger slap in the face, they don’t even invite you.

But that’s just what 19 current and former NHL players are alleging against golf course […]