Re: SportsbyBrooks Certification Of Compliance

Haven’t done this all year, so here’s some photos of semi-retired WTA player Iroda Tulyaganova you haven’t seen.

(Click for pics)
Photos could be considered NSFW depending on your occupation.

*Signs SbB Certification of Compliance form*


Penn St. Adding Hockey; Big 10 Forming League?

Ryan Kennedy of THE HOCKEY NEWS reports that Penn State will announce on Friday it is officially fielding a Division I men’s hockey team.

(Penn State has long fielded a powerhouse club team)
Kennedy noted that a large donation “earmarked for a hockey team” was the impetus for the move and could fund scholarships and a […]


They’re Dancing In The Streets Of Dusseldorf

From Channel 9 in Australia today:

Only thing worse would be if a television network dumped out of the closing ceremonies for something called Marriage Ref. *shudder*


Félicitations Canada (Plz Come In From The Ledge)

Ligue nationale de hockey pour 2014, Monsieur Bettman?


Canada Pulls Out Big Gums For Gold Medal Game

With the Canada v. USA hockey rematch likely be the signature moment for The Vancouver Games, Team Canada and its fans plan on doing whatever it takes to grin win.

(Puck you, Daddy)
I’d have left Don Cherry in the booth, but that’s me.


ESPN Incurs Poultry Fecal Matter Advocate Wrath

The one decade day I don’t watch ESPN2’s First Take, and something unbelievably offensive goes out live over the air! Thank goodness never misses a minute, capturing a shameful remark from Barry Melrose this morning that sent shockwaves through Poultry Fecal Matter Advocacy groups worldwide .

The controversy started when show host Jay Crawford asked […]


Wait, They Still Think Olympics Is About Sports?!

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports Puck Daddy blog reports:

(Slap ice skates on ‘em and it might be different)
The U.S. vs. Canada men’s preliminary-round showdown Feb. 21 won’t be shown on NBC, but on cable’s MSNBC at 7 p.m. EST. Instead, the Peacock will bring fans an exhilarating night of ice dancing, women’s speedskating, men’s freestyle […]


Bat Got More Swings Than Thanksgiving With Elin

Thought we’d bagged our bat limit this season after Manu Ginobili’s encounter during a NBA Spurs game two months ago. But Fox 11 in Green Bay has video of a bat getting loose at a major junior hockey game recently in Green Bay.

(Serious need of hand-eye guy like Robitaille)
Unlike Ginobili’s remarkable catch and […]


Hermoine Cheats On Ron Weasly At Rangers Game

For those of you who haven’t seen any of the “Harry Potter” movies because you don’t have kids — or would rather rinse your eyes with bleach — may I remind you that Emma Watson is now over 18, and is quite hot? Thanks for your kind attention on this matter.

She also attends Brown University, […]


Boston Coll’s “Beanpot Trot” Like A Musical Fart

With so many sports going on during this season, we often forget to pay any attention to college hockey. And if more videos like this surface, college hockey is going to wish we wouldn’t.

Before the 1986 Beanpot tournament, some Boston College players got together for a little rap session - and came out with a […]