AZ Law: H.S. Band To Miss USA Championships

San Diego’s NORTH COUNTY TIMES reports today that the vice president of communications for the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association Kristen Jarnagin reported during a Wednesday interview on KFI-AM in Los Angeles that an elite California high school marching band, after qualifying for the prestigious Fiesta Bowl National Championship band competition in Phoenix, had its […]


Nate VanArenDonk’s VanArenDunk Moves Game

Fox 17 in Detroit reports this week that a local high school basketball playoff had to be moved to another venue in the third quarter because of this:

During the third quarter of the Grand Haven vs. Rockford regional game at Grandville High School, 6″9″ senior center Nate VanArendonk went up for a slam dunk […]


Honest Mistake! Coach’s Resume Off By 304 Wins

Whenever there’s an investigation into the background of a 55-year-old high school employee with three names, you know it’s likely to involve at least one of three things:
1) Some manner of electronic monitoring device.
2) Hiring oversight akin to the Clippers on draft day.
3) Both.

(Ellen DeGeneres stars in Life After People: 2032)
This weekend the ST. PETERSBURG […]


Hoops: Girl Is Sweet 16 And World’s Tallest Teen

Perry Chiarmonte and Cynthia R. Fagen of the NEW YORK POST have a Coney Island-esque intro for 6-11, 210-pound New Jersey high school sophomore basketball player Marvadene Anderson, calling her “the world’s tallest teenage girl.” (Wait, what about the inevitable 19-year-old cave-dwelling Mongolian, who checks in at nine-foot-nine?)

(Prob wouldn’t have posted this if the video […]


Georgia HS Would Prefer Not To See Your Nipples

We take you now to Georgia, where cheerleaders hoist giant signs with bible verses at public school football games, and when you play pickup basketball, it had damned well be shirts vs. shirts. Chattooga High School officials recently censored the school’s yearbook, excising pages which depicted male students playing basketball while not wearing shirts.

(Vile porn! […]


Fake Robbery Leads To Real Arrest For Ex-FSU LB

Drawing crude penises on someone’s face when they’re passed out? Funny prank. Wrapping someone’s dorm room in aluminum foil while they’re at class? Funny prank. Pulling a gun on a cashier at a Check N Go? Well, that’s less of a funny prank, according to the Jacksonville Police Department, and more “felony.”

Former FSU linebacker Bradley […]


HS Girls Coach Fired For Exhibiting His Peter Pan

All that Sean Shields wanted to do is dress as a naughty Peter Pan and include a few questionable props, such as this household cooking utensil that you see in the photo covering his Never-Neverland. Is that so wrong? Sure he’s a high school teacher and girls basketball coach. But this was Halloween, and Shields […]


Sports Hinder Boys’ Good Habits, But Help Girls’?

It probably wouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that boys who play sports in high school were more likely than their non-sporting counterparts to engage in bad habits (full disclosure: football here, fightin’, no drankin’); after all, these were the meatheads of the class, the jackasses that ended up in jackass jobs like […]


Distance Runner Unaware He Had Deadly Disease

Mark Dent of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS has the miraculous story of Dallas high school cross country runner Taylor Lively.

Lively, who as a senior at Lake Dallas High recently qualified for state, thought that the incredible pain he’d endured during training for many years was a natural occurence felt by teammates and competitors.
Boy was […]


Fake High School Player Chased Scholarship, Girls

We’ve all wanted to go back in time at certain junctures in our lives: I often imagine myself traveling back to 2002 to try and talk some sense into Dusty Baker before Game 7 of the World Series. Or just to be sure, go to 1975 to prevent Livan Hernandez from being born. But here’s […]