Featured Coaches Lash Out On-Record At ESPN

Joe Davidson of the SACRAMENTO BEE reports the negative reaction from coaches, school officials and media over ESPN’s methods of covering a local high school game Friday night.

Coaches said the sports network barged into Folsom this week, flexed its biceps and took control of seemingly every working detail of the Folsom-Grant encounter, turning a lot […]


Andre Rison Now High School Head Football Coach

Patrick Hayes of the FLINT (MI) JOURNAL previews the prospects of the local Northwestern High School football team by focusing on the squad’s new head coach: Former NFL star and Northwestern alum Andre Rison.

Rison was hired last February, beating out 13 other applicants for the job, despite local media concern about his criminal background.
Laura Angus […]


Villanova Recruit Killed Ex-Girlfriend’s Dachshund?

Morris County, New Jersey’s DAILY RECORD reported this week on the busy summer of Donovan Allieri, a 6-foot-5, 265-pound lineman who recently signed a letter-of-intent to play football at Villanova.

According to a June 6 police report, Allieri was recently arrested for “breaking into his girlfriend’s house, stealing $8,775 worth of jewelry, and killing ”Pepper,’ the […]


ESPN’s Markazi: ‘97 Story Spiked By School Paper

Last week ESPN pulled a story from its internet website server written by staff reporter Arash Markazi that chronicled a night out in Vegas with LeBron James and his entourage.

ESPN Editor-in-Chief Rob King later explained that the story was spiked because, “Arash did not properly identify himself as a reporter or clearly state his intentions […]


Coach Accused Of Calling Black Players ‘Monkeys’

Christopher D. Kirkpatrick of the TOLEDO BLADE reports that Whitmer High School head basketball coach Bruce Smith, who is white, has recently been accused of making racially abusive statements to players on the Whitmer basketball squad.

According to the complaints and interviews, the coach has referred to some black players as “monkeys” and racially segregated the […]


Florida Recruit’s School Project: Blindsiding Emo

Recently I was sent a video made by a South Fort Myers high school student as a part of a school project last fall.

In the video, top Florida college football recruit Sammy Watkins makes a memorable cameo appearance.


Recruit: College Career Shipwrecked By Spellcheck

WFAA’s Brett Shipp of NEWS 8 INVESTIGATES in Dallas reports that local high school hoops star and Mizzou top recruit Tony Mitchell will probably lose his scholarship - and not graduate from high school - thanks to attending a dubious school his junior year.

Center of Life Academy is a private school accredited by a home […]


Video: Indian Middle Teen Ballers Are 7-4 And 7-2

Jeff Fedotin of Rivals.com profiles brothers Sim and Tanveer Bhullar, who were born in India, grew up in Canada and now play high school hoops in Western Pennsylvania at The Kiskie School.

(Uhhh, Coach … They Can Hear You)
17-year-old Sim is 7-4, 285 pounds. 15-year-old Tanveer 7-2, 260 pounds. If you watch video of them, […]


Coach Fired For Cell Pics To 20 Year Old Girlfriend

In one of the strangest stories I’ve seen in a loooong time, Jacksonville high school football coach Jason Robinson has been fired from his position as coach and teacher at Mandarin high school because he sent pics and video of himself to his 20-year-old girlfriend.

(American hero.)
The girlfriend, who attends the Univ. of Central Florida, […]


Anthem Flap: No Son, It’s “Oh Say Can You SEE”

The regrettably named Rain Smith reports for the KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES-NEWS that before a local high school baseball game last month, a Powell Valley (VA) ballplayer urinated on the field during the national anthem.

Acting on a dare, a Powell Valley baseball player lined up with his fellow Vikings for the National Anthem, unzipped his pants […]