Please Don’t Bring ‘Hearies’ To Deaf Soccer Match

You would think that soccer, while especially entertaining (especially to our overseas brothers and sisters) in and of itself, is not sufficiently important that you would need to alter your own identity and defraud others just to win a match. And by “alter your own identity,” to be sure, we mean pretend to be handicapped.

(The […]


Feet Severed in Separate Holiday Boating Incidents

For years, governmental safety-advocate types have been warning America about the dangers facing us on the 4th of July. You’ll set the house on fire with sparklers! You’ll die of alcohol poisoning! Well, OK, maybe that one’s true, but the nanny state machinery has been working for generations now to ensure that nobody has any […]


One-Legged Football Wonder Finally Gets His Due

In Florida prep football, prosthetic limbs are banned. So what’s a one-legged kid supposed to do if he wants to suit up? Why, just go ahead and play football anyway. And play it damn well.

Carl Joseph was a stud by any measure, earning eight letters in three sports, despite being born without a left […]


You + Wedgie - Lunch Money = Canadian Mathlete

While we’re hardly traditionalists at SbB (we support, for example, the implementation of rocket-propelled grenades in baseball), we do have a certain reverence for the Olympics and all they stand for. While we don’t want them to go back to the all-nude affairs of ancient Greece (again, not traditionalists here), we do think that there’s […]


Sightless, Legless Wrestlers Are Better Than You

A blind guy and a guy with no legs go into a wrestling meet…Have you heard this one before? Well, the punchline is, they both kick your ass.

Lincoln West High School in Cleveland features two wrestlers for whom the “inspirational stories” tag was made. Dartanyon Crockett, who has been legally blind since birth, and […]


Double Amputee Swimmer Has Basketball For Body

Recently we posted a story about how basketball is now the most popular sport in China, surpassing soccer. But 12-year-old Chinese swimmer Qian Hongyan has long been ahead of that trend, as she quite obviously preferred basketball beginning nine years ago.

(Qian has been fortunate enough to avoid dreaded NBA composite balls)
A two-year-old report from […]