One Of My Favorite Athletes Now All Growed Up!

Picture this week of one of my favorite athletes.

Click the pic for the owner of the *strong* stomach.


Shawn Johnson Fan Arrested Breaking Into Studio

After the Beijing Olympics, 17-year-old Shawn Johnson suddenly has one of the world’s most recognizable faces. She’s young, she’s an Olympic gold medalist (she would have won more than one of those, if not for Alicia Sacramone), and she’s had her own official fan club since before her 15th birthday. In fact, that’s part of […]


Alicia Sacramone Dating Brown FB Benchwarmer

Brown football players don’t exactly get a lot of press. Then again, most of them aren’t dating two-time Olympian and general machine of gymnastic voluptuousness Alicia Sacramone. But there’s always the exception to the rule, and ladies and gentlemen, we now know who the exception to that rule is: defensive back Eric Hunt!

(Yup. She has […]


Economy Forcing London Olympics to Go Cheap

The global financial crisis is threatening to tone down spending for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Existing venues may be used for some events in lieu of constructing new ones.  The event, which was already slated to be smaller in cost and physical size than the 2008 Beijing Games, is having trouble securing loans […]


Sacramone: Have I Showed You My Silver Medal?

What Olympian isn’t really proud of winning a medal? Most show it off proudly on the podium and then maybe walk around with it for a couple of days when they get home, at which time they put it in, like, a display case or something, and move on to the next phase of their […]


Blog Jam: Phelps Wants To Fatten Up Your Kids

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES reports on complaints that Michael Phelps’ endorsement slate (Frosted Flakes, McDonald’s) will turn kids into waddling tubs of goo.

Want your own replica Olympic torch? How about your own mask (just like the US bicyclists wore!)? GIZMODO breaks down the 10 gadgets that will help you feel like an Olympian.

WIRED tells tales […]


Gymnastics Hotties Sacramone & Liukin In Bikinis

Nastia Luikin might be the golden girl of the US Olympics gymnastics team, but the breakout star might be Alicia Sacramone. In ways that the mainstream media is unable to comprehend, Sacramone has become one of the most talked about & searched-for athletes (or even celebrities of any kind) in the past few weeks. BANNED […]


Media Doesn’t Get Why Sacramone Is So Popular

Alicia Sacramone has become one of the most popular athletes on the US Olympics team - a fact that the mainstream media seems to find puzzling.

THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE wrote about how Sacramone was ranked ahead of teammates Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson for Google searches, and was No. 4 overall in Google’s Hot Trends. […]


Well, Duh: Underage Chinese Gymnast Revealed

Hey, China. How’s it going? Good? Good. Little advice here: When you’re trying to cheat at women’s gymnastics by using athletes that can not, in any sense of the word, be called “women”, you would do well not to publicize those athletes’ real ages before the Games. Cheaters.

Yes, Bela Karolyi was right: According to the […]


American Gymnast Is a Knockout Across the Board

I don’t want to say anything that might come across as sexist, but women who can kick your ass are kind of hot. If they’re famous American gold medal gymnasts, that doesn’t really hurt matters either.

Which means, as my boy TYLER DURDEN points out, Alicia Sacramone is pretty freaking foxy right about now. (Simmer down. […]