Jessica Simpson Is Talking Smack To Eagles Fans

Remember last season when Tony Romo’s girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, showed up at a Dallas Cowboys game against the Philadelphia Eagles? Fox kept showing her on television over and over again as she watched her man have one of his worst games of the season, completing only 13 of 36 passes and throwing three […]


Wannabe Rapperess Accuses Shaq of Stalking Her

When someone attempts to take out a restraining order against a celebrity, it’s usually part of some crack pot delusion. (”David Letterman is using secret code to ask me to marry him!”) Celebrities are used to being on the other side of claims of stalking (just ask Michael Jordan). But that’s not the case for […]


Jason Kidd Is Tired Of May Anderson’s Partying

While Jason Kidd’s marriage to Joumana Kidd looked to be a perfect union on the surface, as time passed we found out that aside from producing peanut-headed children, Joumana also had an affinity for beating Jason up. After a much publicized divorce, Kidd decided it was time to move on and find a […]


Jessica Simpson Wiggles On Webcam For Romo

NFL training camp is a long and boring process for NFL players. Most of the time, camp is held in some tiny little town that only has one bar and no other forms of entertainment. How is a professional athlete supposed to get through the day without a strip club or […]


‘Yankee Skank’ Playing Head Games With A-Rod

As if poor little Alex Rodriguez did not already have enough to worry about — his divorce, playing baseball and being single & famous in New York City with $150 million $75 million to burn — here comes mildly famous stripper Candace Houlihan (again) telling the whole world about her involvement with the Yankee slugger.

The […]


Former Stripper Dishes Dirt On A-Rod Relationship

Now that Alex Rodriguez‘ wife Cynthia has filed for divorce amid claims of infidelity, other women are starting to speak up. Madonna says there’s nothing going on between her and A-Rod, but former stripper Candice Houlihan says she and Alex were getting it on.

Houlihan claims to have met the slugger four years ago at Fenway […]


Is Jessica Simpson Beefing Up After Romo Split?

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo seem to be finished as an item–at least for now.

How is Jess reacting to the split? By stuffing her face with sweets, according to some reports.


HS Girls’ Coach Had Sex With Female Student?

I realize these “alleged lesbian high school coach of the year gets with underage student love affair” stories are getting old, so bear with us.

Former Texas high school coach Dayna Crenshaw, 33, has been charged with a second-class felony count of Mark Chmura.


Garnett Took Ex-Wolves Cheerleader To Boston?

When people have to switch cities because of work, it’s not uncommon for them to take along some comforts of their original home.

And if you’re Celtics forward Kevin Garnett, that might ALLEGEDLY include the former Timberwolves cheerleader that you’ve been dating for almost four years.


Skateboarder Forgets ‘Half Your Age Plus 7′ Rule

With the rise of the so-called genre of action sports, a lot of snowboards are rising to mainstream recognition after having some success in competitions like the X-Games, and so forth.

(Whoa, dude. She looks 18 from up here)
And if that doesn’t work, you could always score some ink in the police blotter by allegedly […]