Near-Naked Truth Emerges About Beauty Queen

Being Michael Phelps‘ arm candy is a rough job. Back in December, former Phelps flame Caroline “Caz” Pal claimed she was being “victimized by the media” when topless photos of her surfaced across the internet (including here at SPORTSbyBROOKS).

Now, recent Phelps companion and Miss California 2009 Carrie Prejean, who first made waves with her decidedly […]


Groupies Bet $30,000 On Bedding David Beckham

Victoria Beckham will be pressuring her husband to stay in MLS, once she gets a load of this. A pack of Italian groupies have a $30,000 pot to go to the first of them who sleeps with David Beckham.

So while Becks is on loan with AC Milan and Posh is 6,000 miles away in Los […]


Speed Read: Another Violent Day in LA’s Paradise

The baseball day in Los Angeles started on a solemn note Monday when the Dodgers held two moments of silence for fallen comrades in arms during Chavez Ravine’s opening day Monday (before a third passed later in the day).

(Pictures from 710 AM ESPN’s Beto Duran)
By the end of the game (an 11-1 pounderation of the […]


Dwight Freeney Stars In “Driving Ms. Golddigger”

I believe it was Kanye West who once said, “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke [ethnic slur]. Get down, girl go ‘head, get down.” Not only was it an incredibly philosophic statement that rhymed and fit well into the rhythm of the song West was singing, but it […]


A-Rod Spent Final Steroid-Free Night Partying

I remember last Saturday morning when I woke up and found out about Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use through the article in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED shortly after going online.  One of my first thoughts was wondering where A-Rod had been when he first found out about the article that morning as well.  Was he sitting at the […]


Jordan Farmar Prefers To Be Left Alone, Ladies

One of the advantages to being an athlete while you’re in high school, college, or on the professional ranks is the treatment you get from women. If you take a kid and make him a member of the school’s math team, odds are he’s not going to have very many math team groupies, and the […]


Clemens’ Ex Mindy McCready Tried To Kill Herself

It hasn’t been the greatest year for country singer Mindy McCready. Things started out poorly enough when it was revealed that she’d had an affair with Roger Clemens for ten years, and that the relationship started out when she was 15 years old. Even though Clemens has denied the story ever since, Mindy’s mother said […]


Phelps Girlfriend Pal: “I’m a Victim Of The Media”

Count Caroline “Caz” Pal as the latest notable human being to play the “I’ve been victimized by the media!” card, saying that photos brought to light across the blogosphere, -  including right here at SPORTSbyBROOKS - are no indication of who she is.

(This isn’t topless? Really? You’re sure?)
That Pal is trying to improve her […]


Brian Urlacher Makes His Son Wear Pink Diapers

Over the last few years, Chicago Bears fans have found out quite a bit about the personal life of their favorite middle linebacker, Brian Urlacher. Thanks to a very public custody battle — at the time, the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES actually considered it front page news — we found out that he spent some of his […]


Wilt Chamberlain Can’t Compete With Fidel Castro

Wilt Chamberlain set a bunch of NBA records while playing in the league. He set a scoring record with 100 points in a single game, is the league’s all-time leading rebounder, and was the league’s all-time leading scorer when he retired. Still, the number Wilt put up that has earned him more admiration from men […]