NBA All-Star Patrons Endure Massive Inflation Rate

Curious about the scenery in Los Angeles for NBA All-Star Weekend?

Black celebrity gossip blogger Sandra Rose administers two group shots outside an L.A. establishment last weekend with the accompanying copy:


When You’re Cam Newton, Life Has Its Benefits

What did Cam Newton - and some of his Auburn teammates  - do after winning the SEC Championship Saturday night?

The future Heisman Trophy winner hit the VIP area of Atlanta’s Opera nightclub. (Where bottles start at $300-a-throw.)


Reggie Roby, Kyle Busch: Something In Common?

Meet NASCAR driver Kyle Busch’s fiancee, Samantha Sarcinella:

The two will marry on New Year’s Eve.

So how did they meet?
From Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL:


Tiki ‘Booted’ By NBC; Wife Laments ‘Low-Balling’

Emily Smith and Dan Mangan of the NEW YORK POST report today that Tiki Barber, amidst charges from “heavily pregnant” wife Ginny that he’s “low-balling” her on child support, has been dumped by NBC’s “Today” show:

A source told The Post that the “Today” show has booted Tiki as a high-priced correspondent amid fallout from the […]


NFL Draft: LeGarrette Blount a Tough Pro Choice?

As of the fifth round, sixth round, seventh round…
UPDATE (5:15p ET): Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount wasn’t selected in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Surprising, considering his experience working out of the full house backfield.
UPDATE (5:47p ET): I’ve been told that Blount has one son (closest to him in the above photo) and another baby on the […]


Jaimee Grubbs ‘Cheated’ On Tiger With UFCer

Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs, who claims she was seeing Woods right up until his Thanksgiving car accident, did an interview on Jan. 24, 2010, with RadarOnline. Excerpts:

Asked what she would say to Tiger if she could speak to him now, Grubbs told she would tell him: “You have hurt me.”
Grubbs does have regrets […]


Tiger’s Tryst With Mistress Lacked Love, Floss with this recent photo of Tiger Woods alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs:

I thought that was her - on TLC’s coverage of the semi-annual, seed-spitting championships from Branson.


Ricky Rubio Might Consider Avoiding Jim Nantz

Jorge Sierra of links up an interview with Ricky Rubio teammate Pete Mickeal in the True Hoop blog, The Painted Area.

Mickeal plays with Rubio in Spain and talked about the rapturous reax to The Shag:
Q: On your blog on HoopsHype, you mentioned that you call him “Rock Star”. What’s the craziest scene of fans […]


Uchitel Pic With ‘Friend’ Samson ‘She Never Met’

Earlier this week, Rachel Uchitel (photos) claimed she had never met Ashley Samson, the woman quoted on the record in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER story linking Uchitel to Tiger Woods. The Enquirer today published two photos of Uchitel and Samson together:

(larger image - credit National Enquirer)
The Enquirer added:
However, we can reveal that Rachel is such […]


Rachel Uchitel: Photos Of Tiger’s Alleged Mistress

UPDATE: More previously unseen photos posted here. And here.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER reported this week that Tiger Woods is cheating on his wife Elin Nordegren with 34-year-old New York City resident Rachel Uchitel.

The story places Uchitel at Woods’ Melbourne hotel when he was recently playing the Australian Masters. It also includes an on-the-record account of the […]