One Word To Describe John Daly Art Market? Flea.

Here’s a delightful photo Tweeted by John Daly over the weekend from the living room of his home:

(Make that, “flee“)
Starving artist?


Photo: Dustin Johnson Clearly Hit Out Of Bunker

Here’s a photo of the bunker Dustin Johnson hit out of on 18th hole at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin yesterday:

(If it quacks like a bunker …)
Yes, the crowd covered the lip of the bunker for that shot but he was clearly standing in what was defined as a bunker in […]


Stroke May Cause Unsafe Drop In Blood Pressure

Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson and Johnny Miller enjoyed quite a foursome Wednesday in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

(Jack: Still Long And Strong)
The highlight was the still-potent putter of 70-year-old Nicklaus, which maintained its length and remarkable touch despite a hole requiring such firm stroke. (100 feet!)


Monty: Court Gagged Pics, Vids Of ‘Sexual Nature’

Tuesday I reported that European Ryder Cup Captain Colin Montgomerie had been granted an injunction by London’s high court to gag U.K. media outlets from publishing embarrassing photos of him.

Wednesday I reported that Montgomerie’s former girlfriend, Paula Tagg, was thought to be the person behind the possible embarrassing material featuring Montgomerie.
Sports Illustrated’s reported today […]


Gray To Pavin: “You’re a liar, you’re going down”

A dispute over a comment made by U.S. Ryder Cup team captain Corey Pavin to Jim Gray has gotten rather frothy.

(Steve DiMeglio is a USA Today golf reporter)

Yesterday Gray reported on The Golf Channel that Pavin told him that he would tab Tiger Woods for the Ryder Cup team as his captain’s choice selection. Today […]


Report: Ex-Girlfriend Behind Monty Tabloid Story?

Thanks to some online investigative work by Ryan Ballengee at, we now have a U.K. main media outlet reporting that one of Colin Montgomerie’s ex-girlfriends may be behind the embarrassing photos that reportedly spurred Monty to allegedly obtain a superinjunction from London’s high court against U.K. tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Last month, Charles Sale […]


CBS Reporter Feherty: Monty Is Blocking Tabloid

Earlier today I cited several transatlantic sources in reporting that European Ryder Cup Captain Colin Montgomerie has allegedly been granted an injunction by London’s high court to block embarrassing photos of him from being published by the British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD.

In addition to my report, CBS golf reporter David Feherty said today on […]


Video: Tiger Trick Proof Of Ingram’s Round Of 69?

Last October I noted a BIRMINGHAM NEWS report in which Alabama running back Mark Ingram claimed he’d shot a 69 on a Michigan golf course as an 8th grader.

I wrote at the time:
Don Kausler Jr. of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS has a report today on Alabama running back Mark Ingram that reads like it was ripped […]


Monty: Fight With Tabloid Over Embarrassing Pix?

Over the past 48 hours I’ve been told by several reliable U.S. and U.K. golf media sources that Colin Montgomerie is allegedly in a legal battle with the British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD.

That court fight allegedly involves embarrassing photos of Montgomerie obtained by the U.K. tabloid. In order to block the supposed photos from […]


Ernie Els: ‘Those Aussies were shi–ing themselves’

Here’s a protip for all you aspiring sports reporters out there. If you really want to know what a pro athlete thinks about something, wait five years.

(Thanks Geoff)
On Feb. 5, 2005, Ernie Els shot a first round 60 at the Heineken Classic in Melbourne, Australia. Of his round, Els said at the time:
“This (Royal […]