Surprise! Tiger Woods Sex Tape Doesn’t Exist

Own a washing machine company and want to sign Tiger Woods to an endorsement deal? You might want to hold off on that for now, as the golfer’s reputation is still mud. We know that because in the past month the main media has run with a story from the most dubious of sources, an […]


Pavin Wife: 20 Meetings To Design Leaky Rainsuits

GOLF WORLD - via Geoff Shackleford - has apparently uncovered why the U.S. Ryder Cup team in Wales was, somehow, outfitted with rainsuits that weren’t waterproof.

What happened? Here’s the prevailing view: Lisa Pavin’s weird design happened. She wanted names on the backs of the jackets and stripes on the pants and sleeves. Those accoutrements had […]


Tiger Cigar Man Photo: You Were Wrong About It

Tiger Cigar Man photo?

It’s now official, you were wrong:


Who To Cast As Mustache Guy For Monty Biopic?

Thanks to some trusty, ham-fisted photoshop, I’ve finally placed mustache guy in the Tiger Woods camera shot:

The role of old Pauly Shore in the upcoming Playboy Mansion retrospective will have to wait!


Another Angle To Greatest Golf Photo Of All-Time

Here’s another angle of the greatest golf photograph in history:

If you don’t know by now, what makes the original photo so incredibly special has absolutely nothing to do with Tiger Woods and his golf shot into the camera lens.


Shudderbug: Tiger Shot Smashes Photog’s Cam

The LONDON DAILY MAIL has this astonishing photo from staff photographer Mark Pain taken of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup on Sunday.

(Unfortunate Camera Ang .. er .. Mangle)
The shot was snapped on the final hole of play as Woods attempted to chip onto the green, instead duffing his ball directly into the lens […]


Ryder Cup Player Rainsuits Great, Unless It Rains

The only thing worse than playing a round of golf in Wales in October is playing a round of golf in Wales in October wearing a rainsuit that isn’t actually rain-proof.

(Golf writer Jason Sobel is on the scene)
The past 48 hours American players have found that out in Wales as the Celtic Manor track […]


A Picture Of The Disappearance Of Tiger Woods

Today is a practice day at the Ryder Cup in Wales, so where in the world is Tiger Woods?

Clever. (Idea stolen from Criss Angel?)


Dye On Dustin: Ray Charles Could’ve Seen Bunker

It only took a month for us to get the definitive quip on the Dustin Johnson bunker shot debacle at the PGA Championship in Wisconsin last month.

While golfing in Indiana last weekend, Gary D’Amato of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL happened up the designer of the Whistling Straits course Pete Dye.
Naturally, as a golf writer from Wisconsin, […]


Tiger Charity CEO Mocks Brady Accident Coverage

As noted by golf blogger Geoff Shackelford today, when Tiger Woods Charity Foundation President & CEO Greg McLaughlin isn’t collecting a $503,138 annual paycheck for running a charity and stamping out rumors that Tiger donated money to earthquake relief efforts, he’s Tweeting insightful observations that could in no way be construed as sour grapes:

The line […]