SbB@3: Let He Who Is Without Sin Throw 3 TDs

Some Web sites offer you “insider” information on which teams to put money on during the week’s big football games. But only Sports by Brooks has the ultimate insider: Jesus Christ. That’s right, each week Our Lord and Savior will descend from Heaven to offer His insight into the week’s top games. And with over […]


Brother Of OSU’s Rolle Doesn’t Take Losses Well

If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the big USC-Ohio State tussle in Columbus, kudos. Some interested parties, however, decided to watch the game from the comfort of their local Indian casino. William Rolle, (below, left) the older brother of  Buckeyes linebacker Brian Rolle, was one of those.

One might say that William did […]


Soothsaying NFL Camel To Boycott Vick, Eagles

I’ve lived pretty much my entire adult life never expecting to write that headline, but there you have it. This is Princess the Soothsaying Camel, who famously predicted the Giants beating the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Bow down to the camel, damnit! Good. Let’s continue.

Princess, who lives at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey […]


“College Day” At The Horse Track? GREAT IDEA!

Have you ever met a college student? They’re some of the most impulsive people on earth. Finally free of parental supervision and with gobs of free time on their hands, they’ll drink, fight, and screw their way in and out of problems with all the cautious self-preservation of a wolverine on cocaine.

(This is actually real.)
One […]


40% Of Sports Journalists Bet? YOU DON’T SAY!

Good news, people. The researchers at Duh Institute have come up with some sensational, ground-breaking news. Apparently the journalists tasked with bringing us coverage of high-profile sporting events sometimes derive pleasure by betting on them!

(A fine journalist, this man, and that’s all we’re saying about him.)
The EDITOR & PUBLISHER was the first to break […]


Swine Flu’s Next Victim: Las Vegas Betting Lines?

Okay, the swine’s flu is getting a little out of hand. No, not for reasons involving actual health problems; H1N1 is still a relatively tame strain of influenza. But since it’s new, infectious, and having fun running through our immune systems before they know how the hell to handle it, it’s going to end up […]


Florida Opens Season As Trillion-Point Favorites

We do not condone gambling. Except where it’s legal, but even then, bet with your head, not over it. That’s what the commercials tell us, anyway. But if you enjoy following sports lines for non-monetary, recreational purposes (and who doesn’t like that more than wagering money, areweright??), then there’s probably no more fascinating sport to […]


Online Bookie Pays Over A Million On Tiger…Oops

OK, all of you degenerate dedicated online wagerers out there need to help me out on this one. Paddy Power, the largest bookmaker in Ireland, jumped the gun on the PGA Championship and paid out approximately £1.2 million to its online bettors with Tiger Woods holding a four-strike lead, before the third round even began. […]


NCAA Sees Delaware Gambling, Raises Playoff Ban

The slapfight between the NCAA and Delaware over legalized gambling has reached a new… high? low? something? Who knows.

After a judge smacked the NCAA’s lawsuit to stop Delaware from allowing sports betting down, the NCAA responded with a clear message: “We think the federal courts are wrong, we just aren’t allowed to oppose them.” So […]


Aaron Putting Screws To Selig To Reinstate Rose

You know, we could just make Hank Aaron our baseball commissioner, eliminate the middle man and save ourselves a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. For someone who’s been so reticent for the past few … well, his entire life, Aaron sure is surprising us this week with his high profile. A day after he […]