F1 Chief Mosley Wins Damages Over Orgy Photos

Formula One head Max Mosley has been through a lot after NEWS OF THE WORLD published photos of him involved in what appeared to be a Nazi-themed, sado-masochistic orgy involving Holocaust-related death scenes. He had to cop to an S&M fetish, which shocked his wife Jean. So, what does he do? Thanks to […]


Miss Great Britain Picked as Face of UK Grand Prix

We find no fault in Formula One trying to sex up it’s image. The racing group is already on track to get Danica Patrick to join their ranks & add some cheesecake (maybe a small slice, but still). And now organizers of the British Grand Prix are raising the fox factor with the addition of […]


Danica’s Mammaries Hurt Chances Of F1 Career?

Danica Patrick has been invited to lend her talents - and her racing skills - to the Formula One circuit.

The UK DAILY MAIL drives up news that Honda racing boss Nick Fry has offered Patrick the chance to try out for his F1 team this fall. And with some terrific trial times, she could be […]


Straying Dog Asplodes On Formula One Track

Spencer Hall of THE SPORTING BLOG has the video find of the day - a dog (sadly) getting run over by Bruno Senna on the track during Formula One’s Turkish Grand Prix Sunday.

Senna’s machine wasn’t operable enough to continue the race, and he was understandably exasperated: “It’s incredible. It’s not as if we’re in the […]


FIA’s Mosley Wants Another Year of Nazi Love

Max Mosley, the Formula One President whose bizarre Nazi love tape might be the greatest sports story of 2008, says he would like to keep his job for one more year before stepping down in 2009.

It’s possible, of course, that the decision won’t be left up to him. The ASSOCIATED PRESS has more details.


Crazy Video: F1 Chief’s ‘Nazi Orgy’ With Hookers

If it wasn’t real, you’d swear the Lifetime channel had turned rather vicious over the last year. First, the world receives the gift that kept giving: Sen. Larry Craig, who proudly railed against gay marriage, gets caught in a tap dance that Gene Kelly would be proud of. Then, not to be outdone, Gov. Eliot […]


Danica Patrick GoDaddy Ad Isn’t Bring Sexy Back, So No One Watches

DANICA WON’T BRING SEXY BACK, SO WE WON’T WATCH: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports “GoDaddy aired three different 30-second ads during ABC’s coverage of Indianapolis 500 Bump Day yesterday, two of which featured Danica Patrick. One of Patrick’s practice runs immediately followed the first ad.

“The two ads featuring Patrick emphasized her competitive spirit and driving ability […]