Football With Marisa Miller: Pop, Snap, Crackle

I’d seen the pics of Tom Arnold committing misdemeanor sexual battery pulling down a commando Marisa Miller’s pants during a celebrity flag football game during Super Bowl week in Miami, but I hadn’t seen any large, closeup shots.

(Real time analysis from a coaching legend)
Until now.


New HS Insanity: “No Good Because We Said So”

This season, we’ve seen two new and unexpected ways for high school games to end on missed field goals. There was the “blocked field goal returned by the kicking team” and the “missed field goal so short the other team spikes it with totally disastrous consequences”. Suffice it to say, that’s about all the madness […]


F1 Team Accused Of Ordering Driver To Crash

We’ll admit that we haven’t exactly always been kind to NASCAR on this here interblog in the past. Sure, we’ve called it white trash and yes, we’ve mocked its fans. We’ve ridiculed the Stone Age cars and the endless driving in circles. We don’t care for the corporate faux-Americana BS surrounding it or the WWE-style […]


F1 Driver Massa In Coma After Frightening Crash

As anyone who ever went through Driver’s Ed surely learned, distracted driving is dangerous driving. The same apparently holds true in Formula One racing, as Felipe Massa learned the hard way in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix this morning. But instead of eating a Big Mac or trying to text while he was driving, […]


F1’s Ecclestone Now Blaming Jews For Everything

It’s unfortunate that most people in the United States don’t follow Formula 1 racing. Sure, it’s technologically advanced and the cars do more than go in circles, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. No, we’re talking about the fascinating foot-in-mouth disease that has apparently taken over F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone’s brain.

It was […]


Ecclestone Backtracks On Charming Hitler Quotes

Because he grew up in England and lived near London, at around the age of 14, when the Germans bombed certain neighborhoods there to smithereens, one would think Bernie Ecclestone have a firmer grasp on the role that Adolf Hitler played in world history. Apparently not. The World Jewish Congress has called for Ecclestone to […]


F1’s Bernie Ecclestone Defends Hitler In Interview

American sports has a good many polarizing figures that sports fans love to hate. Praising names like George Steinbrenner, Mike Krzyzewski, Bud Selig, or Bill Wirtz at a sports bar is a good way to start a fight in many cities, for many different reasons. You’ve got contempt for fans (Wirtz), dunderheaded management (Selig), annoying […]


Is Today The End Of F1 Racing As We Know It?

Despite what the fans of good ol’ fashioned American NASCAR racing might tell you in between mainlining high fructose corn syrup and Busch Light, the most popular auto racing series in the world is Formula One. Not only do its races feature crazy foreign things like both right AND left turns, its cars are some […]


Speed Read: If They Say It’s Not About the Money

SPORTSbyBROOKS, in conjunction with Disney on Broadway and Rosie O’Donnell, is proud to present the upcoming smash Internet musical that will leave your toes a-tappin’ and your wallet a-empty: How to Succeed at Sports Business Without Really Trying!

Nathan Lane plays Sam Zell, a real estate magnate who overleverages himself in order to buy a major […]


Speed Read: Brady Haters, Today Ain’t Your Day

Woe upon anybody who turned on “NFL Live” on ESPN yesterday, as the Worldwide Leader had fantastic news for everybody: Tom Brady’s knee is doing great!

(Wheeeee yayyyy Tom Brady!)
This wasn’t particularly newsworthy, mind you; everyone knew Brady would be back for the start of the 2009 season. Then his surgeon and golf partner, Neal ElAttrache […]