Idaho AD Has Had Enough Of Boise State’s Plane

This past Monday, Boise State became the fifth college sports program (and the first outside the BCS) to get their team’s logo on an airplane; they joined the Pac-10 members in Oregon and Washington as partners with Horizon Air.

(Waaaaait a minute. A twin prop? You couldn’t even get your logo on a real jet? Boise, […]


Gophers’ DB Allegedly Kicked The Hell Out Of Girl

What good conflict management is: a peaceful talking through of grievances and differences, toward the goal of resolving the problem through compromise instead of violence.

(Seems like a pretty chill bro.)
What good conflict management isn’t: breaking up an argument between two girls by grabbing one by the throat, slamming her against the wall, and then kicking […]


Oakland CB: Raiders “Can Go 8-0, End Up At 10-6″

The last time we heard from Chris Johnson - no, not the one on the Titans with “gettin’ away from cops speed,” the one on the Raiders - he was too busy drawing bullcrap penalties for praising the Lord after an interception. Seriously, that was a steaming plate of C-R-A-P, and we’re glad the league […]


Tennessee State Rep Booted For General Dickery

You’d think that being a state representative - and all that entails, in terms of a high profile - would prevent someone from basically trying to get arrested at the state’s most popular football team’s stadium in the person’s home state. You’d think that, but you don’t know State Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville), and he […]


‘The South Will Rise Again’ Chant Won’t Rise Again

For those of you with no qualms about waving the stars and bars on your front porch or applying it to the bumper of your car, today is a sad day; the Ole Miss Rebels’ famous “From Dixie With Love” fight song has been banned after fans refused to disassociate it with the - ahem […]


Can We Not Go One Week Without An Eye Gouge?

In case you had the TV off last Saturday (or had switched from ESPN to CBS to watch Fedor Emelianenko rock Brett Rogers‘ face off), Clemson took down FSU in a 40-24 slugfest that was much closer than the score indicated.

(It’s like he’s trying to open the helmet like a Christmas present.)
It was also more […]


Wait, SEC Replay Officials Don’t Use HD Monitors?

It’s been a rocky year so far for the SEC officials, to say the least. They’ve been blowing replay calls with such frightening regularity that commentators have wondered aloud what the point of even having replay is if it’s not going to make anything better. Naturally, the conference’s response has been to slap a gag […]


Video: High School Football Bounce Pass For TD

Couple-three weeks ago, I posted a behind the back high school football touchdown pass. Now, howsa ’bout a football bounce pass that goes for a score?

Brad Heap of Mountain View (AZ) High School throws a bounce pass behind the line of scrimmage against Rocky Mountain High School (ID) to receiver Baue Stapley. Stapely then throws […]


Colts’ New Stadium’s Food Service Is Rats–t Crazy

Note to Indianapolis Colts ticket holders - if you’re squeamish or germophobic, either don’t eat the food at Lucas Oil Stadium or don’t read this article. Seriously, this is bad. Go somewhere else. Have you heard of DAILY KITTEN? Go to Daily Kitten instead of reading this if you have a weak stomach. Everyone gone? […]


Amid Bad Blood, Chiefs Release Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson didn’t want to be there. His coach, Todd Haley, didn’t want him to be there. The fans didn’t want him to be there. The ladies definitely didn’t want him to be there. And thus, the next course of action couldn’t have been clearer: According to PRO FOOTBALL TALK, Johnson has been released from […]