Fergie? Shula Thought Joe Ferguson Would Show

When you have to spend five minutes telling us how important someone is, don’t bother:

(Thank goodness for the six fingers of Cutty)
Can just hear the night-before convo: ‘Remember Coach Sparano’s daughter’s Bat Mitzah? Promise me no dried vomit in your hair this time’


Witness Claims Henry Threatened Jump Off Truck

CBS-TV Charlotte affiliate WBTV has another eyewitnesses account of theĀ fatal incident involving Chris Henry and Loleini Tonga yesterday.

WBTV spoke with a neighbor who claims he witnessed an argument between Henry and Tonga on Wednesday outside her parents’ Peachtree Road home in northwest Charlotte. The neighbor said Tonga left the house driving a yellow Ford F150 […]


Reports: No Confirmation Of Chris Henry’s Death

UPDATE: Chris Henry two months ago to Joe Reedy of the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER about his fiancee Loleini Tonga:
“She’s been a big help. She’s been right here with me and going through things and helping out on my side. We have the kids and she has my back with everything I’ve needed. She’s a great person […]


ESPN: Mangino ‘Will Not Return’ As Kansas Coach

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports this afternoon that Kansas football coach Mark Mangino ‘will not return’ as coach next season.

If Mangino was not fired with cause, the school would owe him the balance of his contract, which is $6.6M. More likely, there was some sort of buyout settlement.

On November 20, I reported that Mangino’s reps were […]


Brady Quinn Is Dating Gymnast Alicia Sacramone

Brady Quinn’s finally moving up in the world. After throwing for only 3 total touchdowns in his NFL career entering last weekend’s games, the Browns QB burned the Lions’ defense for 4 TD tosses last Sunday. Sure, Cleveland still lost on the final play of the game, but you gotta start somewhere.

And now Brady has […]


Clausen ‘Sucker-Punched’ Outside South Bend Bar

UPDATE: New, more specific details have emerged regarding Jimmy Clausen getting punched outside a South Bend bar.
Everyone’s been taking shots these days at Notre Dame these days, including aiming their ire at star QB Jimmy Clausen. Unfortunately, some people are taking their pot-shotting too literally.

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports that Clausen was at a South Bend […]


Canadian Football League Receiver Loses His Head

Oh hell nah:

(Video after the jump)
British Columbia Lions Wide Receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux someone how survived this hit today against the Montreal Alouettes. The CFL’s Eastern Conference Final between the team is currently in progress.


Carroll, Harbaugh Want To Know What The Deal Is

Two years ago, Jim Harbaugh and Stanford buried USC’s hopes at a national title, 23-21, in what’s largely believed to be the biggest upset against the point spread in college football history. Last year, USC went to Palo Alto and won 45-23 in a game that got a little coach-chippy with some unnecessary scoring in […]


Surprise! Belichick Going For It Was Smart Move

In the wake of last night’s COACHFAIL in the Pats-Colts game, the universe and its mom have been leveling unvarnished invective at Bill Belichick. Rightly so, at first blush; with a few seconds before the 2 minute warning and protecting a dwindling 34-28 lead, Belichick opted to go for it on 4th and 2… from […]


Packer Backer Sacked; McCarthyism Lives Again!

Okay, we have Mike Wood, a janitor in Green Bay who was fired after his superior apparently heard him say an untoward remark to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Without hearing another detail, we already have a pit rising in our stomachs, because well… here we go again.

(”I hold in my hand a list of […]