Speed Read: Tucson Gets Porn Climax To SB XLIII

If you thought Super Bowl XLIII was exciting on its own, you should have seen it in Tucson.

(Hey! That’s not Larry Fitzgerald!)
According to the ARIZONA DAILY STAR, viewers in Tucson, right in the heart of Cardinals country, had the climactic moments of Sunday’s Super Bowl extravaganza co-opted by a cable porn network called CLUB […]


Random Guy Celebrated WS Title In Locker Room

Meet Lionel Rodia. He’s either A) the luckiest fan in America or B) the country’s most convincing liar. How do we know? Because, depending on whether or not you believe his story, he actually snuck down to a seat near the field for the conclusion of the Phillies’ clinching Game 5 of the World Series […]


Steel Curtain Descends To Host AFC Title Game

Now it’s official: If you want to get to the Super Bowl out of the AFC, you better play really, really good defense. And you’ll have to do it by playing in chilly Pittsburgh next week, after the Steelers’ 35-24 win over San Diego.

(LaMarr Woodley’s Riverdance celebration.)
With a chance to host the AFC Championship […]


NFC Title Game Confirms Cards’ Fairweather Fans

Remember two weeks ago, when it took two extensions and a healthy dose of traveling Falcons fans to sell out University of Phoenix Stadium for the Cardinals’ first playoff home game since moving to Arizona? Well, if you thought that was a pretty sure sign that their fans aren’t worth plaudits, this will just make […]


Code Blue? More Like Code Stupid. Am I Right?

You can’t really blame the Tennessee Titans for getting carried away. They’re the only undefeated team left in the NFL, and they have a huge Monday Night Football match on the 27th against the rival Colts. (that’s a rivalry in the sense of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick, when only one side thinks it’s […]


Brog: Bean’d Up Bucks Still Eye BCS Champ Game

I want to congratulate Jim Tressel for ensuring that his Buckeyes still have a chance to play in the BCS Championship game. Since the pollsters didn’t bury the Bucks (#13?), by holding out Beanie Wells in what now turns out to be a somewhat meaningless game, Tressel’s team will have a better chance to run […]