Auburn Gymnast Gives Bama Fans The Heisman

Rachel Inniss of the Auburn gymnastics team decided to spice up her floor exercise this season with the Heisman pose.

She broke it out at a duel meet at Auburn against LSU on Jan. 14 and, as you might expect, the move was well-received by the home fans.
When she did the same routine at the NCAA […]


Moore’s Confusion: “I’ve Never Heard Cecil Talk”

Yesterday I reported that WZZN-FM radio host Scott Moore has recently touted on several major radio outlets in the past week the existence of audio “tapes” that could possibly further incriminate the Auburn football program and implicate the Tennessee football program with the NCAA.

Of those tapes, allegedly owned by former Mississippi State players and current […]


SF’s $100M War on AT&T Park ‘Rotten Egg Stench’

As part of a $4.5 billion repair and replacement program for the entire San Francisco water system, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission reported in 2009 that it had been working “very closely with environmentalists” in encouraging local citizens and businesses to continue to install low-flow toilets.

($100M somehow doesn’t account for noxious fumes coming off […]


Matt Barkley’s Twitter: Calm Amid Controversy

USC Quarterback Matt Barkley is among the most thoughtful and fun follows on Twitter. Barkley represents the best of what Twitter has to offer in that he gives fans an accurate view of his daily life while also spicing in measured opinions about current events and a wide array of relevant subjects.

We were provided a […]


Video: Toomer Tree Killer Gets Obscene With Media

WAKA-TV in Montgomery with some hustle last night as it captured on video the man accused of poisoning the Toomer’s Corner Oaks as he was released from an Auburn-area jail.

After 62-year-old Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr. posted $50,000 bail he gave the CBS 8 cameraman an obscene, single-digit salute from inside a patrol car.


Timing Of Toomer News Release Raises Questions

Since the bizarre news broke about the Toomer’s Corner Oaks being poisoned at Auburn University, I’ve been inundated with conspiracy theorists who believe that the school leaked the news Wednesday in an attempt to deflect media coverage from a story I broke here earlier the same day.

(AU released news before cops had chance to nab […]


2010 Audio: Saban’s House ‘Painted’ and ‘Papered’

In the wake of an Alabama fan poisoning the venerable Toomer’s Oaks on the campus of Auburn, I thought it instructive to present another example of when the Alabama-Auburn rivalry goes too far - to help outsiders understand why UA-AU is, in my view, the most vicious rivalry in sports.

Appearing on his Learfield Sports radio […]


Photo: New Colonel Reb ‘Save Ole Miss’ Billboard

Despite losing the battle to keep Colonel Reb, Ole Miss supporters apparently haven’t given up the fight.

(Rumor Has It Colonel Reb’s a Switch-Hitter)
A new billboard serving as a subtle reminder to Colonel Reb’s cause is now located just west of the University of Mississippi campus and the Oxford business district.

(Ole Miss Employing Black Bear […]


Pat Dye’s Daughter Spotted On Recruit’s Facebook

Friday James Wagner of the WASHINGTON POST reported that prized high school football recruit Cyrus Kouandjio will decide between Auburn and Alabama on Monday.

(Dye’s daughter tries to convince Kouandjio to attend Auburn)
Kouandjio to the Post:
“I’m going to go through the weekend, sit down and talk to everybody. You know, see their opinions on things.”
“It’s so […]


Video: Steelers Fan Tries To Burn Sanchez Effigy

Before the Steelers-Jets game last Sunday, at least one nameless Pittsburgh tailgater* got the bright idea to hang a dummy of Mark Sanchez off a billboard.

And then burn it.