Dinner: Trent’s Baby Daughters, Mom, BOOSTER!?

Here’s a photo - uploaded to Facebook on February 11, 2011 - of current Alabama star running back Trent Richardson, his two baby daughters and Richardson’s mother Katrina taken by disassociated Alabama booster and Tuscaloosa suit store owner Tom Al-Betar:

The photo was taken February 9, 2011 with the following Facebook caption provided by the disgraced […]


Burfict Incident: 9 Witnesses, Including Erickson!

After Arizona State’s football scrimmage today, Dennis Erickson was asked about my earlier report that ASU linebacker Vontaze Burfict initiated a heated altercation with Arizona State assistant football coach Steve Broussard.

(8 players witnessed Burfict menacing ASU’s Broussard + Erickson!)
From Craig Morgan of Fox Sports Arizona:
Coach Dennis Erickson called the report: “totally ridiculous.” He added, […]


Highlights From Oregon Football Stars Traffic Stop

Highlights from the Cheech and Chong-inspired Cliff Harris and Darron Thomas “we smoked it all!” traffic stop:


Harris saying, “we smoked it all” when asked by Oregon State Patrol officer, “whose got the marijuana in the car?“

Harris at one point claiming he had no drivers license of any kind. (OSP officer: “Do you have an […]


Bama Star: Another Outing With Ousted Booster

Three weeks ago this now-deleted Facebook photo of Trent Richardson having dinner with officially disassociated Alabama booster and Tuscaloosa suit store owner Tom Al-Betar at a Japanese steakhouse in Tuscaloosa surfaced on the site outkickthecoverage.com:

(Evidence of  disgraced booster’s relationship to Bama stars piling up)
Now a new photo of Richardson and T-Town Menwear […]


Why Is Nico Johnson Signing Cleats In Suit Store?

Friday I documented current starting Alabama linebacker Nico Johnson’s relationship with Tuscaloosa suit store owner and disassociated University of Alabama football booster Tom Al-Betar.

Facebook-dated and camera-timestamped photos and a now-deleted Facebook video posted by Al-Betar showed Johnson out to dinner with the defrocked Alabama booster twice and inside Al-Betar’s T-Town Menswear store on multiple occasions.


ANOTHER Current Player? Bama Scandal Deepens

By now you know the University of Alabama has told the BIRMINGHAM NEWS and ESPN that it found “no (NCAA-rules related) wrongdoing” involving the relationship between current football players and Tuscaloosa suit store owner and formally disassociated University of Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar.

(Why is Nico Johnson out to dinner with disassociated booster Tom Al-Betar?)
Nick […]


Burfict ‘Waited’ For Teammate, Threw First Punch

Sunday afternoon I reported that Arizona State star linebacker Vontaze Burfict initiated an attack Sun Devil wide receiver Kevin Ozier in the ASU locker room after practice on Wednesday.

Sunday evening Arizona State Sports Information Director Mark Brand confirmed to KTAR-AM in Phoenix that the SbB-reported altercation between Burfict and Ozier took place:
Star Arizona State linebacker […]


Did Franchione Lure Gillispie Into Donnan Ponzi?

Last month a West Virginia-based company, Global Liquidation Center Ltd. (GLC), accused former Georgia football coach Jim Donnan of running a Ponzi scheme that it claimed eventually bankrupted the company.

In a civil action filed in a federal bankruptcy court last month in Athens, Georgia, GLC alleged Donnan had committed fiduciary fraud, embezzlement and larceny in […]


UA 1st Concern: Ineligibility Unrelated To Benefits

In a cease-and-desist letter (pdf) to T-Town Menswear owner Tom Al-Betar on December 22, 2010 and a March 31, 2011, letter (pdf) disassociating the Tuscaloosa suit store owner from the school’s athletic program, the first NCAA rule cited in each University of Alabama communication was NCAA bylaw

NCAA bylaw states:
“After becoming a student-athlete, an […]


Photos: Ingram Heisman Tie To Booster Suitable?

For the past five days, Clay Travis at OutKickTheCoverage.com has steadily unearthed a collection of online photos and video that indicate some manner of relationship between a Tuscaloosa menswear store owner and Alabama football players.

T-Town Menswear owner Tom Al-Betar, an Alabama booster and 2009 & 2010 sideline pass holder who opened the store 13 months […]