Tiger: On The Record Claim He Used Illegal Drug

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports in its Jan. 4 edition:

Computer technician Susie Ogren told The Enquirer that she met Tiger at a posh Vegas golf course and they later popped Ecstasy together.
In the piece, the magazine that first broke the Tiger Woods infidelity story quotes Ogren extensively as she claimed illegal drug use by […]


Crack-Addicted NFL Stadium Announcer: Homeless

Mark Washburn of the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER has the beyond bizarre story of longtime Carolina Panthers Stadium Announcer Jon Robinson. Washburn initially describes Robinson’s previous public life as:

High school basketball star who went to play for Lefty Driesell at the University of Maryland. Morning host on WBT-AM. News anchor on Channel 3. Stadium announcer for the […]


Desperate NY Times Turns Tiger Saga Into Cartoon

The NEW YORK TIMES has a piece today on a Canadian doctor being investigated for illegalities having nothing to do with Tiger Woods.

(And there’s this from Steve Kelley @ NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE)
The story of that doctor’s legal plight has been out in the Canadian press for months now, well before Woods’ affairs leaked out. But […]


Steroids Can ‘Mask’ Diagnosis of Lesnar Disease

WCCO-AM in Minneapolis sources that Brock Lesnar has a case of diverticulitis, which is “a disease where small pouches form in the digestive system.”

I’m by no means accusing Brock Lesnar of doing steroids, but a quick check on the diagnosis of diverticulitis reveals that steroid use can sometimes play a significant role in masking early […]


A Fine Cartoon On Dock Ellis’ LSD-Fueled No-No

If you haven’t seen this yet, buckle up, kiddies; it’s time to look back at a different time, a different era, back when men were men, women were burning bras, and pitchers were on acid on the mound. The legend of Dock Ellis‘ no-hitter while he was high is relatively well-known, but most people just […]


Test Positive For Cocaine? Blame It On The Booze

Cyclist Tom Boonen, whom you’ve probably never heard of before, has a bit of a cocaine problem. Or so he’s told, anyway; he can’t quite remember. That’s because for as substantial a problem as three positive tests for cocaine goes, it’s the method by which he got to that drug usage that’s the bigger problem: […]


Agassi Meth Revelation Netted ‘$1M+’: Worth It?

Andre Agassi will reveal in an upcoming autobiography that he did crystal meth. Celebrity branding consultant David Schwab told CNBC’s Darren Rovell today that the news was likely worth over $1M in terms of Agassi’s book advance.

Was it worth it?

Andre Agassi’s meth use news netted him $1M+ for book. Worth it?



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Agassi To Admit He Took “Crystal Meth” In Book

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Richard Deitsch reports via Twitter this morning:

The revelation, from Agassi’s upcoming autobiography Open, will appear in an excerpt in an upcoming issue of SI.

If you’re like me, when you heard that, this was the first thing that came to mind:


Blog Includes Drugs, Booze, Guns, Suicide, WNBA

Pro basketball player Chantelle Anderson has her own blog over at Yardbarker.com, and lest you think it’s boring, you haven’t read her last post.

Anderson, a former 2nd-overall WNBA draft pick and college superstar, recently told readers she’s planning on writing a book, and to my delight, she included some choice excerpts - which included her […]


Van Earl: Now ‘Alumni Relations’ For Rehab Center

Wanna know who is probably most responsible for ESPN SportsCenter anchors riffing on highlights? Van Earl Wright.

As the unseen voice of CNN Headline News sportscasts in the late ’80s, Wright made a name for himself by catch-phrasing many of his calls. That lead to on-screen gigs with CNN’s Sports Tonight and Fox Sports Net national […]