Ouch: Brit Soccer Kiddo Gets Split By Goal Post

The UK’s EAST ANGLIAN newspaper provides the gruesome details of one of the most insane soccer injuries we’ve ever heard of. A 14-year-old boy was “impaled” after colliding with the soccer goal post.

Now that’s going to leave a mark.


Blog-Some: Spurs Only Score 5 In 1st Qtr., Yet Win

• SPORTS IN YOUR FACE is flummoxed as to how the Spurs can only score 5 points in the 1st quarter, yet still win Monday night.

Answer: It’s easy when you’re playing against the Hawks.
• The TUCSON CITIZEN grounds out news that Ozzie Guillen would appreciate it if some of the bigger names in Arizona spring […]


Goodell Accused Of Lying To Man In Pacman Case

Things have gone from great to bad to worse to, “Hey, what’s that coming down onto my head? I know it’s not raining,” for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a span of about two weeks. He’s been taken through the wringer on Spygate. And now this: Accusations that he reneged on promises to help Tommy […]


Bull Rider Ready To Make Millions While Fighting Viral Meningitis

SICK BULL RIDER TAKING VIRAL MENINGITIS BY THE HORNS: A professional bull rider isn’t going to let a little thing like viral meningitis stop him from competing:

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL grabs the tale of Justin McBride, an 8-year veteran rider who’s already amassed $3 million in rodeo winnings.McBride is getting ready for this week’s […]


Wheelchair Athlete Claims Positive Doping Test Was From Goth Girl Cocaine Assault

COCAINE CLAIM - RACE DOPE FROM GOTH CHICK ASSAULT: The TORONTO STAR reports today that six-time wheelchair racing world champion Jeff Adams has been suspended for two years and had his training funds cut off after a positive doping test for cocaine after a race in Ottawa.

Adams met the media with his lawyer yesterday to […]


Shout Out To Wheelchair Athletes In The Hampton Roads Area For Quad Rugby Participation

SHOUT OUT TO BADASS WHEELCHAIR BALLERS IN VIRGINIA: The NORFOLK VIRGINIAN-PILOT has the inspiring story of the “East Coast Cripplers“, a team of quadraplegics who play “murderball“ - which is better known as quad rugby.

The game is described as “a hybrid of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey and handball, the game is played with two teams […]