Beckham & Page To Rock London’s Oly Opening

Traditionally, part of the Olympics Closing Ceremonies is given to the country who is going to host the next Olympics, as a way to tell the world what their games are going to be like. Judging by what BBC SPORT is reporting the 2012 London organizers have planned, the message they are trying to get […]


Study: Gloating Is An Inherent Trait In All Athletes

THE VANCOUVER SUN reports that the University of British Columbia has released a study which shows that blind and sighted athletes celebrate victories and react to defeats with the same poses and facial expressions, even if the blind athletes have never seen that expression before.

The study compared the expressions of judo competitors in the 2004 […]


One-Armed Man Almost Swims English Channel

But he did swim in several circles. There, I got the easy joke out of the way. It’s easy because he’s persevering despite having one arm, while I use my two functional-yet-flabby arms to make fun of him. Also he’s French, so there’s a “surrendering” joke in there too. And I’m comfortable with making one […]


100-Yr-Old Player Grumps About Today’s MLBers

Our favorite part of baseball’s All-Star Game is the fact that sportswriters are forced to spend this week searching up the most obscure stories around (the ones not falling back on doing a story about Josh Hamilton’s love affair with God, at least). For the most part, this leads to a bunch of boring, inspirational […]


Paralympic Torch Relay Cut Short for Odd Reason

Beijing Olympic officials have trimmed what was to be the first international Paralympic torch relay that routed through future Olympic venues (Vancouver, London, etc.) and around the world to Beijing into a few whistle stops through well-protected sites in China. (Thanks to RINGS for the heads-up.)

You might think this has to do with all […]


Croatian Kidney Patient Hoping To Hit Euro Pitch

When Croatia returns to Euro 2008 action on Thursday, one member of the Croatian squad wants to prove he has the heart to play - even if it’s with a borrowed kidney.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS kicks up the story of Ivan Klasnic, who hopes to become the first-ever kidney transplant recipient to hit the pitch in […]


Boy With One Leg Does More Than You Ever Did

Man, we always hated those cool athlete kids in grade school that starred in all the sports. They were the big hitters and the quarterbacks and the soccer stars (usually overlapping) and they got all the attention and everyone thought they were so cool. They totally weren’t. That’s why we totally don’t […]


Bills’ Everett Waived, Seeks Out Disability Dough

Tight end/special teamer Kevin Everett, who suffered from (and recovered from) a horrific, life-threatening spinal injury early last season, was waived by the Buffalo Bills yesterday.

That’s not quite as bad as it sounds.


Blog-O-Rama: Chris Weinke Card Up Blue Jay Way

• BUGS AND CRANKS finds the minor-league baseball card of former Carolina Panthers QB Chris Weinke.

• DEADSPIN shows us the best belt buckle at the Masters this year.
• WITH LEATHER tels us about a blind golfer’s hole in one.
• THE SPORTS ECONOMIST notes the lack of development around St. Louis’ new ballpark.


“Disgrace To Cripples” Allred Signs Deal With Cavs

The NBA signed the first legally deaf player in its history Thursday.

Lance Allred of the NBDL’s Idaho Stampede signed a 10-day contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, mainly as backup for their injury-plagued front court. Allred’s ascendancy to basketball’s biggest stage was rockier than most.