Injury Leaves College Hoops Player With Amnesia

When a player goes down, like Willis McGahee did last week, it’s hard not to imagine the worst. Concussion? Shattered facial bones? Paralysis? All awful things, but no one ever considers one injury that could be worse than all of them.

Kayla Hutcheson is a freshman at Walla Walla Community College. While scrambling for a […]


One-Armed HS Basketball Player A Legit Prospect

Most basketball stars inspire by transcending what we think is traditionally possible, hitting shots that don’t seem open and finding teammates on the other end of the court that had previously seemed hidden. That’s not the case for 18-year-old Kevin Laue, which is not to say that he doesn’t do many of those things, too. […]


School Sued For Wrestling Team Herpes Outbreak

Seventy percent of wrestlers on York College’s wrestling team contracted herpes. Rather than being able to tout themselves as a party school, the school is being sued by three of the wrestlers for failing to take the proper precautions to stop the outbreak.

This is the lede in the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS: “Inside the humid […]


Plaxico Shoots Self In Leg; This Is Not A Metaphor

Plaxico Burress, who was listed as doubtful on the injury report for Sunday’s game, is probably not going to suit up now. He done shot hisself in the leg.

FOX SPORTS’ Jay Glazer, who’s quickly challenging John Clayton as the go-to guy for breaking NFL news, reports this morning that Burress accidentally shot himself in […]


Pilot Goes Blind at 15,000 Feet And Lands Safely

If you’re not impressed by the man who was blinded while flying a plane, but managed to land safely, I urge you to start playing Pilotwings for Super Nintendo and midway through, turn off your TV. Not so easy, is it smart guy?

(Hey, wait a minute. How does he know where to look at […]


Refrigerator Perry Tries To Sack Serious Illness

There are certain sports figures who can do no wrong. Not only are they likable and never embroiled in sordid off-the-field matters, but you’d almost have to give them a pass even if they were because of the importance they had in your childhood. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago and watching those […]


Football Pinky Amputation No Longer a Shocker

Mesa State College senior Trevor Wikre chose pinky finger amputation over a six month recovery so he could continue to play football this season.  While the drastic move stumps most, the one person for whom the finger removal will certainly not prove to be a shocker is Wikre’s girlfriend.

NBC 11 News in Grand Junction, CO […]


Giants’ Ingram Evades U.S. Marshals Three Times

Former New York Giants wide receiver Mark Ingram plead guilty three years ago to money laundering and bank fraud.  Since then, he’s been sprinting away from his plea and ducking judicial tacklers in the open field.
He’s tried to retract the plea and has blown off three sentencing hearings, twice with emergency room visits for conveniently […]


Injuries to NFL Football Players Are All Your Fault

In a game as brutal as football, injuries are unavoidable. The speed of the game; the strength of the players; the random trajectory of tackled and blocked bodies bouncing into vulnerable extremeties. All explain why the sport of football takes down its own athletes at such an alarming rate.

But there is another reason for all the carnage. […]


Amputee Ball Girl Puts Your Lazy Butt To Shame

At 24, Kelly Bruno is a little bit older than the other ball girls working at the US Open. She also happens to be quite attractive, as you can tell from her Web site. But neither of these facts is what makes her stand out from the rest of the ball girls as much as […]