South Africa’s Pro Sports Still Have Racial Quotas

Much was made about Mississippi finally giving in to inevitable pressure and accepting the Emancipation Proclamation a few years ago. Good timing on that, now that the U.S. is about to inaugurate an African-American President (some Barack Obama guy?). Unfortunately, South Africa hasn’t really caught up yet, as it turns out they’re still using the […]


Meet The First Indian People To Meet Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds might not be playing baseball these days, but he hasn’t given up on the game altogether. Seems that between attemps to drop off the face of the Earth, he’s giving baseball lessons to a couple of Indian pitchers — and I don’t mean Cliff Lee and Fausto Carmona. He even had them over […]


Chicken, Irony, Both Delicious in KFC Cricket Deal

You may recall how poorly the Aussies acted after being denied their beer and vegemite. Now someone’s trying to take away their fried chicken.

Two researchers from the University of Sydney’s Institute of Nutrition Obesity and Exercise, while not busy trying to fit that on their business cards, demanded that Cricket Australia drop its sponsorship […]


Cricket Player Goes Fishing, Gets Cut From Team

Well, that’s certainly one way to put your career in jeopardy. Instead of going to an important team meeting, Australian cricket player Andrew Symonds decided to brush it off, go fishing instead, and was promptly thrown off the team.

The famous all-rounder has a history of getting into trouble with team officials, including almost being sent […]


British Bowler Bruised in ‘Friendly’ Cricket Match

I have a revelation which will shock exactly nobody: I know nothing about cricket. I consider myself a worldly sports fan and an engaged American citizen, but the foreign charms of cricket have always eluded my apathetic interest. But from what I do know, it would not seem to be a game that arouses deep […]


Cricket Star Gets Women Commandos for Safety

An Indian cricket star, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has been so overwhelmed by young women and girls charging at him (including bolting onto the field during a match for hugs) that local authorities in India have been forced to step up their protection of the beleaguered batsman with women commandos surrounding his home while he tries […]


Take A Wild Guess Where SbB Is At The Moment

Some scenes from where I am at the moment:

I’ve enjoyed the gas prices, the “sour sap” and the pickup cricket games (without the Pakistani nuclear bomb scares!). And yes, I’m still very much in the United States. My location is revealed after the jump.