Female Tennis Player Weds, Gets Huge Tattoos

The biggest celebrity gossip story the past month in India and Pakistan - besides Bollywood - is the marriage of Indian pro women’s tennis player Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Malik.

(Thank god Sandy Bullock didn’t go through with this!)
Mirza’s decision to marry a Pakistani incurred some typical, hyperbolic protesting among India’s political […]


India’s Cricket Coach Encourages Sticky Wickets

For years the so-called experts have claimed that sex is detrimental to sports performance; many coaches even forbidding their players to partake in carnal pleasures the day before a game. But this theory doesn’t fly with Indian cricket coach Gary Kirsten. His orders to his squad for the week leading to their huge showdown with […]


Aussies Looking To Send Booze Ads Down Under?

It’s a question for the ages, and the Australian government thinks that it may have the answer. Should all alcohol advertising and sponsorships be banned from sporting events? The stadium is, after all, where you take your kids for that special bonding experience that can only occur while watching large men who make a hundred times your salary. […]


Because What America Needs Now Is Pro Cricket

This type of detail frequently gets lost in numbers discussions, but scale is thrown dramatically out of whack when it comes to the American population. For example, (Asian) Indian Americans comprise less than 1% of the population of the United States. That seems insignificant until you realize it means roughly three million people, which is […]


Umpire Struck & Killed In Freak Cricket Accident

We all had a good laugh when that pigeon was accidentally killed by a cricket ball. Maybe it should have been a warning. An umpire was killed yesterday after being struck by a thrown cricket ball in Wales.

Alcwyn Jenkins, 72, was hit in the side of the head in “one of the most freak […]


Indian Cheerleaders Can’t Perform in South Africa

Last year, the Washington Redskins cheerleaders took a trip to India to help teach aspiring rah-rah girls how to entertain fans of professional cricket. It seems to have been a successful visit, as lovely sideline ladies have become a staple of the Indian Premier League.

And one cricket team owner decided to take cheerleading tryouts one […]


Video: Blonde Brit Lass Flashes At Cricket Match

The kids at WITH LEATHER have done the impossible:

They’ve made Cricket interesting.
The very NSFW video after the jump is from a recent Test between England and the West Indies.


Speed Read: Lying Memoirs Come To Pro Baseball

The NEW YORK TIMES is known for strong investigative reporting, and up until now, Yale and Harvard Medical Schools both had relatively spotless reputations with the press as well. That may have all changed because of what seems to be a falsified memoir by a minor league baseball player turned doctor.

According to investigative reporters Alan […]


Mount Everest Cricket Match Sure To End Poorly

Put on your Bad Idea Snow Pants™. A bunch of Brits have decided the best and most obvious way to raise money for youth sports in England is by playing a cricket match on Mount Everest.

While touted as the highest-altitude game of cricket, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it’s […]


Indian Cricketer To Be Hailed As A God - Literally

OK, what’s weirder: That SbB is running a cricket story? Or that we’ve actually run a story on this specific cricketer before?

You might remember Mahendra Singh Dhoni from that time he hired a bunch of female commandos to protect him from overzealous female admirers. I thought that was the pinnacle of popularity, but I neglected […]