Video: GT Responds To Getting Wrecked By NCAA

Today the NCAA ripped a hole in the hull of the good ship Ramblin’ Wreck.

Above is video of Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson and Athletic Director Dan Radakovich addressing the school being hit with the following NCAA sanctions today:

Fined $100,000 by the NCAA

Stripped of its 2009 ACC championship in football (Tech must return ACC […]


Knight On Fellow ESPNer: ‘chickensh– c—sucker’

Like you, I spent the holiday weekend reading the new book about ESPN called, “Those Guys Have All The Fun.”

On page 453, co-author Jim Miller has Bob Knight bless us with a reset of his infamous 2000 interview with now-current ESPN colleague Jeremy Schaap that followed the coach’s Indiana ouster:
“They gave me three people to […]


Exclusive: Pearl Endures ESPN Employ Embargo

Terrelle Pryor’s escape from the burning building that is the Ohio State football program straight onto an ESPN set is firmly esconced in the long, illustrious history of unintentionally comedic ESPN programming decisions.

But while Pryor was deified by ESPN mere hours after the extra-beneficiary torched future OSU football fortunes, the same can’t be said for […]


Maryland Star: ESPNer ‘Big Factor’ In Going Pro

Steve Yanda of the WASHINGTON POST reports today that ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt, a Maryland alumnus, was cited as a “big factor” by former Maryland basketball player Jordan Williams in his decision to leave the school and enter the 2011 NBA draft.

“(Van Pelt) was a big factor in helping me make my decision (to […]


Exclusive: Pulitzer Prize Winner Tailing Buckeyes

Today I confirmed that the last sports reporter to win the Pulitzer Prize, current SPORTS ILLUSTRATED contributor George Dohrmann, has recently been in Columbus investigating the Ohio State football program.

(Dohrmann’s reporting led to the end of Clem Haskins at Minnesota)
In 1999, it was Dohrmann’s exhaustive, investigative reporting for the ST. PAUL PIONEER-PRESS uncovering academic fraud […]


Video: LSU Basketball Meets Jersey Shore. In Italy


LSU basketball players Garrett Green, Justin Hamilton, Matt Derenbecker, Andrew Del Piero and Eddie Ludwig had a chance encounter with cast members of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore last week in Florence, Italy. (The LSU hoops squad is midway through an 11-day tour of Italy while Jersey Shore is shooting its third season in […]


Exclusive: Shaq Agrees To LSU Statue Unveiling

Yesterday I broke the news that a life-size statue of Shaquille O’Neal commissioned by representatives of LSU’s athletic interests - inside and outside the university - had been completed.

In July, 2010, the LSU athletic department made a formal request of the university to erect the now-completed statue outside the LSU basketball practice facility. Today I […]


Exclusive: Shaq Resisting LSU Plan For His Statue

On July 8, 2010, the LSU Athletic Department formally, though quietly, proposed to the university that a “life-size” statue of Shaquille O’Neal be erected outside the school’s new basketball practice facility.

At the time, the practice facility was the latest construction project that O’Neal had donated significant funds to. Over the years O’Neal, who completed his […]


UM Admin Poised To Ax ‘Rebels’ & ‘Ole Miss’ Too?

Last year a decades-long University of Mississippi administration campaign to remove Colonel Reb as the school’s mascot culminated with students selecting a Bear as the new symbolic representative of the university.

Stripping the school of its former iconic identifier was applauded by many inside and outside the state but it’s clear that the majority of students […]


ESPN Hoops Analyst: Knight “Owes an Apology”

This past Saturday at a speaking engagement in Indiana, Bob Knight said that the starters on Kentucky’s 2010 NCAA basketball tournament team “had not been to class that semester.”

(Audio of Williams’ comments on below)
Speaking to a group in Wabash, Indiana, Knight’s remarks were captured on video:

Knight’s exact quote was:
“Kentucky year before last started […]