Vandals Deface Yow Mural, Punch Ticket To Hell

While the Founding Fathers insisted that all men were created equal, we can safely conclude that not all men are created equally. The reason I bear no resemblance to LeBron James (or, if you want to take melatonin out of the equation, Dolph Lundgren in the early 80s) isn’t just a matter of a lackadaisical […]


Don’t Worry, Texas: Dubya Still Adored At Baylor

Okay, so let’s say you’re a Republican. Not a great past couple years. Now let’s say you were also the 43rd President of the United States. Yes, that narrows it down quite a bit, but we need specificity here. You’ve just completed a ludicrously unsuccessful presidency, and you’re looking to unwind a bit and get […]


Ex-Coach Kidnaps, Shoots Women’s Hoops Player

Even though they aren’t related, North Carolina Wesleyan women’s basketball player Jessica Perry apparently always considered her former middle school basketball coach Dawn Perry as more of a coach or a role model - she considered her “like a godmother to her.” Which I guess is accurate - if your godparent frequently kidnaps you at […]


The Incredible Growing Female Basketball Player

When Brittney Griner started playing basketball at Houston’s Nimitz High School as a freshman, she was already pretty tall for a girl her age. She was already 6 feet, and over the last few years she’s continued growing. And when I say continued growing, I mean like a tree on steroids. Here’s a picture of […]


WKU Lets Alleged Counterfeiting Hoopster Play

Problem: the NCAA doesn’t allow athletes to be paid, meaning that even though they are potentially making big time money for their schools, they aren’t seeing a dime of it. But Western Kentucky women’s basketball player Arnika Brown allegedly had a solution. Hint: it involved a really nice printer and a lot of ink.

Brown, the […]


Pat Summitt Sent To Hospital By Rascally Raccoon

Pat Summitt is the greatest coach in the history of women’s college basketball. Over the past 34 years, she’s coached the Tennessee Volunteers to a 983-182 record, while winning eight national titles and being named the NCAA coach of the year seven times. It seemed that there was absolutely nothing on earth that could stop […]


Another Of The Ugly Things Vegas Makes You Do

Nice find by Brian Powell at AWFUL ANNOUNCING and DEADSPIN today - as Powell digs up video of ESPN’s Stu Scott as a weatherman in North Carolina.

Now if I can only lay my hands on video from John Buccigross’ days with the Thunder From Down Under. (I’m in Vegas folks, work with me.)


Women’s Basketballer Arrested For Counterfeiting

A few years ago I was shopping at Best Buy for some video games and a couple of DVD’s. I had over $100 worth of stuff I wanted but didn’t really need, and headed towards the cash registers. After being rung up and given the total, I handed the cashier some […]


Milftastic College Hoops Coach Now Milftastic GM

We fondly remember Stacy Johnson-Klein, the former milftastic matron of the Fresno State women’s basketball team, who became embroiled in a bitter legal battle with the school over her firing & her resulting sexual harassment lawsuit.

And now we’re happy to learn from ERRATIC MAGIC that Ms. Johnson-Klein has found employment once again. And it’s not […]


Bolivian Bombshell Baller Claudia Porras’ Birthday!

I couldn’t let this day pass without wishing Bolivian bombshell baller Claudia Porras Happy Birthday.

Claudia, a basketball player at UTEP, turned 24 today as she winters in her native Bolivia. And on such an occcasion, SbB is here bearing gifts (new pics after the jump).