Zags Star Turned Coach Nailed For Underage Sex

A former women’s basketball star at a Catholic university then becomes a high school softball coach? I’ll have to double check to make sure I got all of my stereotypes correct, but that sounds to me like a recipe for lesbian sex with an underage player.

Raenna Jewell, who was a 1000-point scorer at Gonzaga, was […]


Speed Read: Baseball’s Back! And It’s Snowing!

Leave it to Major League Baseball’s old and tired leadership to open half of the league’s games in cold climates, many of which will force postponements during the very first week of the season. While the proud and downtrodden denizens of Philadelphia should be have been celebrating the first professional sports crown in the city […]


Geno Auriemma Calls ‘Bull’ On Imaginary Racism

Is it time to talk about race in college athletics? No, not really. What purpose would it serve? What territory are we supposed to be driving towards by noticing that there’s only one white guy playing meaningful minutes in this Final Four game between Michigan State and UConn, and he’s not even from America? That’s […]


Women’s Hoops Salaries Soar As Crowds Dwindle

Yesterday, we discussed the unfair nature of letting lower-seeded teams host games in the women’s NCAA tournament. And while the wild crowd at the Breslin Center helped push Michigan State to a stunning upset of Duke, other venues were not quite so fortunate. 10th-seeded San Diego State got to host second-seeded Stanford but drew only […]


Coach Was Under Federal Probe Before Suicide

When Alex Simonka, women’s basketball coach of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, committed suicide last week, you had to know there would be more to the story. A lifelong Coast Guardsman and coach of the team for 16 years, Simonka by all accounts showed no signs of depression.

Ten days after Simonka was found in his […]


College Hoops Won’t Acknowledge Lesbian Fans

Robert Bell of the GREENSBORO NEWS & RECORD has a report today on the elephant in the room when it comes to the marketing of the ACC women’s basketball tournament.

(NBA fans also are way out front on this issue!)
While the WNBA has enthusiastically embraced its lesbian fans, Bell reports that the ACC (and all […]


Teammates: Gathers Nephew, Westhead grandson

Hank Gathers and Paul Westhead are tied together forever, by one horrible moment on a basketball court at Loyola Marymount, and years of increasingly ugly legal wranglings that followed.

They’re still tied together, by infinitely happier circumstances. Gathers’ nephew, Jordan Gathers, and Westhead’s grandson, Nick Lucenti are classmates and teammates at the aptly named Loyola […]


6′8″ HS Girl Still Throwing Down Dunks (w/Video)

Recall, if you will, the next big thing to happen to women’s hoops, in the form of 6′8″ (and still growing!) Brittney Griner, of Houston Nimitz High. Griner’s set to attend Baylor next fall, and barring any ACL disasters, will be dominating the WNBA shortly thereafter. So what’s she up to now?

If you guessed throwing […]


Shoplifters Lose Scholarships Over Terrible DVDs

You’re a young woman. Be it because of genes or a diet heavy in calcium, you’re a few inches taller than most. You’ve got decent motor skills. You manage to parlay this into a free college education (Winthrop University tuition: $21,000 annually). All you have to do is occasionally play basketball, and not get arrested.

Winthrop […]


College Hoops Girl Dismissed For Being Straight?

Shocking news out of Central Michigan, where a new lawsuit insinuates some kind of link between women’s basketball and lesbianism! This heretofore unknown phenomenon has baffled fans and experts alike, as most expressed disbelief that women’s basketball could be about anything other than the erotic grace and beauty of the female form.

(Pic semi-related)
The real news […]