Speed Read: Roddick Wins Survivor Aussie Open

In yesterday’s Speed Read, we mentioned how it was obvious that the Australian Open was a little hotter this year, based purely on the gallons of sweat dripping off many of the top seeds. Well, yesterday the year’s first tennis major officially jumped the shark and morphed into an episode of Survivor, with Andy Roddick […]


Texas Tech Now Red Raiding Their Fans’ Wallets

Sure, it’s great to be a fan of a college football team making an unprecedented leap to national prominence, but there’s always a downside. The success is fleeting, as you’ll quickly discover when all the senior linemen and that plucky quarterback graduate. But one thing that doesn’t go away, as Texas Tech fans are about […]


Dumber Friday Arrest: LB Vilma Or Texas Coach?

Admit it: We all love the Schadenfruede of watching prominent athletes and major figures in sports unravel in the hands of the law. As long as other human beings aren’t hurt, the entire experience is relatively harmless … except for the celebrities themselves, and they’re better financially equipped to deal with these crises than anyone […]


Barry Bonds Wants To Coach College Baseball

We haven’t heard too much from baseball’s all-time home run king Barry Bonds lately, as instead of playing baseball this season, Barry has been spending his time doing, well, whatever the hell Barry does in his free time. For the most part, whatever Bonds has been doing, it’s been away from a baseball […]


Buzz Bissinger Now In ‘Bloody’ Brawl Over Camera

Buzz Bissinger has gotten the business end from bloggers and many others after his lashing out at former DEADSPIN editor Will Leitch on “Costas NOW” a while back. But, in a guest op-ed written for the NEW YORK TIMES, we can actually sympathize a bit with the “Friday Night Lights” author, for the one thing […]


College Coach Fired For All-Star Resume Padding

These are hard times at Chicago State University. The school came under fire after a state audit showed the university was spending public funds on cruises, theater tickets, and alcohol. The president of the university, Elnora Daniel, stepped down amidst these charges.

Now the athletic department has its own share of problems. The men’s and women’s […]


Fresno State Top Dogs as NCAA Baseball Champs

Hearty congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs for winning the College World Series. The Bulldogs from central California defeated the Bulldogs from Athens, Georgia, 6-1, to claim the 2008 NCAA baseball championship. (Not that Brooks minded the loss by his alma mater too much, as he was too busy chasing bunnies.)

Originally ranked as a 4th […]


Seminoles Coach Shuns Handshake w/Hurricanes

Florida State was ousted from the College World Series last Monday, losing to in-state rival Miami in an elimination game. And as is tradition after such collegiate contests, players & coaches from both sides met for a post-game handshake.
However, Seminoles coach Mike Martin wasn’t feeling so sociable that evening, so he refused to shake hands […]


Cardinals’ Draft Pick Called Up - For Combat Duty

A college baseball graduate recently drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals has been told that he’s made the roster - the combat duty roster.

The HAMPTON ROADS VIRGINIAN-PILOT reports that Mitch Harris, who just completed his pitching career with the Navy Midshipmen, has been ordered to report to a transport ship to begin his five-year active […]


Arizona State’s Bogus Baseball Fight Strikes Out

With their season on the line in a winner-take-all match-up against Fresno State, it was a tense time among the Arizona State baseball team. In fact, the tension reached a point where a couple of Sun Devils players chose to duke it out even before the first pitch.

But as it turns out, the pre-game fracas […]