Dick Vitale: Good Samaritan For Slain Teenagers

Dick Vitale, it’s quite safe to say, has never had a problem with wearing his heart on his sleeve. Usually, this kind-hearted boisterousness comes through in his college basketball analysis; even if it’s “Dickie V’ed” up a bit (a lot), there’s always the understanding that he actually believes the words coming out of his mouth.

But […]


Hey Kids! Get Your NFL Cheerleader Tradin’ Cards

If you’ve yet to open that new Topps Jumbo Pack of NFL trading cards you just purchased (OK, lets face it: Your parents purchased for you), you’ve got an extra surprise in store. No, the Ben Roethlisberger card does not come with a denial of wrongdoing. It’s something better.

There’s one NFL cheerleader card in every […]


Former Raiderette Shakes Literary Moneymakers

In a world … where no one is who or what they seem … can a preteen cheerleader elude terrorists and unmask the U.S. Senate imposter who is secretly planning to blow up our nation’s capital? Oh sorry, that’s not the premise of Alise Cayen’s new book at all. Patty Pom Poms is just all […]


Later Today: Closeups Of New ‘09 USC Song Girls

The USC Song Girls made their debut last Saturday at the USC football scrimmage inside the L.A. Coliseum.

Coming later today, I will post shots of each cheerleader, and give you my favorite selections. And I’ll also get your take on who you think is the hottest.


Elway Crosses Enemy Lines For Cheerleader Wife

Okay, it’s come to this. Football season is so close, so close. We’re willing to discuss anything and everything about it in the meantime, even if it’s guys who haven’t played in about a decade.

In this case, we’re talking about John Elway - and don’t worry, this has nothing to do with his Nude Vodka. […]


Enjoy The UConn Cheerleaders While You Still Can

On Wednesday, Brooks informed us that the University of Connecticut had banned its cheerleaders from doing any death-defying stunts during athletic contests, done out of concern of the cheergirls’ chances of suffering serious injuries - and concern of the lawsuits that are likely to follow.

(You won’t be seeing this anymore)
But such a decision by […]


UConn 1st School To Dump Gymnast Cheerleaders

The HARTFORD COURANT has big news today, but buries the lede. The newspaper notes that UConn has banned its cheerleading squad from performing gymnastic manuevers in favor of a “spirit squad.”

In other words, those crazy dangerous stunts you see performed during college sports events? You won’t see them anymore at Storrs.
Christine Wilson, assistant vice president […]


Finally, You Get To Chose An NBA Dance Team

So, you’d like to vote for those plucky kids on “American Idol”, but just can’t stand watching it due to all the Seacrest? Well, here’s some democracy you can get behind: The Phoenix Suns are letting fans vote to see who will make the final roster for the Suns Dancers.

(No, you may not vote for […]


Ex-Cheerleader Will Stream Your Video Content

Yes, Josan Crawford (on the right, below) is the owner and co-founder of an Internet startup that features sports videos. But that’s where the similarities to Bill Gates or Mark Cuban end. Although I should reserve judgment until I’ve seen either of those guys in a Vikings cheerleader outfit.

Crawford is a veteran of the cheerleader […]


Dolphins Swimsuit Calendar Arrives With A Bang

So we’re starting to get a taste of what the new Stephen Ross/Jimmy Buffett administration is going to look like with the Miami Dolphins, and I can’t say it looks bad. Except for T-Pain arriving in a red hearse, that is. And the choice of venue.

While the Bills and Titans were kicking off the season […]