Brave Man Photographs Cheerleaders For A Living

Hey, someone has to drive around and photograph all the college cheerleaders, then post the photos and break down their performances on his web site. That someone is Orlan Ree, Jr., editor of the Cheer Times. One of man’s finest inventions, in my opinion.

This isn’t just some eye candy receptacle: They’ve put a lot of […]


Flu Shot Cheerleader — Tragic Illness, Or Hoax?

This story is commonly called “the flu shot cheerleader hoax” around the Internets, and I suppose that’s to be expected during a month when the Balloon Boy made a monkey out of Wolf Blitzer and about half of the planet. But I’m having trouble finding a motive for aspiring Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings to […]


Minnesota Cheerleaders: Sailing With The Captain

Miserabilia weather at Penn State today for The U and the Lions.

You would figure the Minnesota cheerleaders are especially expert at warming techniques, and they certainly didn’t disappoint us at Happy Valley today.



Redskins Cheerleader Car Wash Promo Is A Bit Off

Promotion is a tricky game. Often the usual virtues of ethics and nuance are mere weaknesses, barriers to the type of bombast and distraction that can really grab a viewer’s attention. By this, of course, we mean exclamation points and boobs.

(Please pay attention to the ladies and not the fine print.)
In this world, then, Dan […]


Might Want To Consult Erin Andrews On Security

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader are hosting a big shindig in the Bahamas in a couple weeks.

(Like their divine Ambrosia tailgate salad, fans can ‘mix’ with the cheerleaders)
The regrettably-worded “release party” (dude, keep it in the room) will pop off during the Oct. 16-18 weekend, which not coincidentally is Joe Simpson’s first weekend off from […]


Cheerleader Sign Controversy Lurches Forward

Never before have so many gathered with signs in support of people’s rights to display signs. Or something. That’s basically what happened in this portion of Georgia on Tuesday, as God-fearing folk rallied in support of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe cheerleaders, who have been banned from unfurling their religious banners at football games. Here’s one now!

Sorry if […]


Cheerleaders Under Seige For Getting Too Lordy

Big controversy in Georgia involving high school cheerleaders, and this time it doesn’t involve naughty cell phone photos (darn it). The Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders are under fire for unfurling a series of religious banners at football games. Here’s one below.

The school system wants the banners gone, saying that they violate the first amendment, […]


Thank You West Texas A&M, May I Have Another?

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that West Texas A&M opens Lone Star Conference South Division play on Saturday against 10th-ranked Texas A&M-Kingsville at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium at 6 p.m. And the Buffaloes cheerleaders are ready!
H/T BUSTED COVERAGE. Meanwhile, in possibly NSFW Big 12 Conference news …


KS HS Cheerleaders In Hot Water For … Something

“What’s the matter with Kansas?” It’s a question that was first asked in 1896 by journalist William Allen White and, well, hasn’t really stopped being asked since. Thomas Frank used the question as the title of his landmark 2004 book regarding the state’s curious political fortunes, and it was asked all too often by Jayhawks […]


Today’s Mother-Daughter Cheerleader Beatdown

The place: Florida (naturally). The school: Tarpon Springs High. Meet Karen J. Wood and her daughter, Kyersten Wood. They enjoy participating in many activities together, such as scrapbooking, biking, and administering beatings to Kyersten’s high school cheerleading coach.

Mom, 41, and daughter, 16, were arrested after Tarpon Springs police say the pair assaulted the girl’s cheerleading […]