Brog: Karl Soon to Make Marx @ Yankee Stadium?

My first full weekend in Los Angeles will hopefully be a relatively quiet one. I’ve been traveling it seems non-stop the past three months. Still working on setting up shoots with three new SbB Girls. And making plans for the MLB All-Star game in NYC - I’ll be there live blogging throughout.
Gotten a couple dozen […]


Brog: ABC Might Want To Freshen Up NBA Display

I’m happy to report that I’m back in Los Angeles for the summer, after five delightful days driving from Miami. First day back, I was at Game 5 of the NBA Finals, which extended the inevitable Boston series triumph by at least one more 48-minute epoch (has a team ever looked worse in a win […]


Travel Brog: The Highlights Of My Last-Day Drive

I’m back in L.A., only took a 4-day drive from Miami. I’ve gone from 107 degree temps in Phoenix yesterday to 66 in Santa Monica today.

That’s one of the great misconceptions about Los Angeles, that it’s warm near the beach - even in the summer. The ocean water is cold (and filthy) from Redondo up […]


Brog: All The Big Macs I Want, Thanks To Laila Ali!

In my drive from Miami to Los Angeles, I’m not even halfway home yet, as I come to you today from lovely Lake Charles, Louisiana. I’m hoping to make it to El Paso tonight, if I can effectively steer clear of the thousands of Taco Cabanas and Whataburgers that I”ll encounter along the way.
Being on […]


Travel Brog: Photos From My Cross-Country Move

As I make the move from South Beach back to Hollywood, the *highlights* of yesterday’s drive from Pensacola, Florida, to Lake Charles, Louisiana.
My laptop setup in the car:

(Coveted mustard BBQ sauce - liquid gold!)
Extremely safe, I know. Thankfully, the state trooper in Florida who knocked my ticket from 90 in a 70 to 79 didn’t […]


Brog: Bradley’s Outburst - What You Don’t Know

I’m reporting for duty today from the Florida Panhandle, with designs on driving to East Texas later tonight. ETA for L.A. is Saturday night, just in time for … sleep.
By now you know about Milton Bradley beserking on Royals announcer Ryan Lefebvre over innocuous (and true) on-air comments the broadcaster made about him last night. […]


Brog: Now Ready Climb The Highest (Nubian) Peak

Moving Day! I’m outta Miami this afternoon. Really excited, as I’m off to traverse the vast, fruited plain of our great nation, plumbing the depths of the valleys and climbing ever-higher, to the highest Nubian Peak:

(That’s almost as good as this- thanks Orson!)
By now you’ve probably seen Punter’s post on the Giants’ Super Bowl […]


Brog: Now The REAL Reason I Miss LA So Much!

Looks like I’ll be finally heading back to L.A. beginning on Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll be in town by Sunday night, in time to score a Game 5 get-me-in from one of my very generous ticket broker acquaintances. If not, there’s always Craigslist. Coincidentally, HHR has a great bit today on some current Lakers-related posts on […]


Brog: Buss Blows Off Boston, Busted In Las Vegas

If you travel this space regularly, you know I’m going to be moving from South Beach to L.A. shortly. Now if I’m able to make it back home by this weekend, I’ll goto Game Five of the NBA Finals at Staples between the C’s and Lakers. And have coverage on SbB.

(We’d rather have poker pro […]


Brog: Jenner Adores SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl Cora

Had several people today email me links to photos of SbB Girl Cora Skinner and Brody Jenner on the beach in Hawaii. I haven’t been following Cora’s career that closely the past couple years, but apparently she’s been an item for some time with gentleman Jenner - and his rather regrettable ink job:

Cora has done […]