Clippers Flush NBA’s Only Million-Dollar Mascot

The NBA season starts tonight in SoCal, with the Lakers playing the Jazz in Anacrime in a preseason money grab game. Up the 5 Freeway this afternoon, the Clippers, like most of us at the moment, are tightening their financial belt by eliminating the NBA’s only million-dollar mascot (wait, the Phoenix Suns Gorilla makes what?!!).

Team […]


Scioscia Before Game 4: “I’ll Guarantee a Victory”

Doug Padilla of the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS finds a rather single-minded Mike Scioscia before today’s Game 4 of the Angels-Red Sox ALDS.

(I’ll go out on a limb too and guess 6 dogs for Scioscia in the postgame spread)
Despite the Angels being on the brink since a two-game debacle in Anaheim (sorry Arte), Scioscia […]


Live Brog: Brooks @ Angels-Bosox Game Tonight

Tonight I’ll slip behind the Orange Curtin and have a Live Brog on SbB from inside and outside Angels Stadium - as the Halos host the Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALDS. (How this series is only five games, I have no idea.)

(No fellas, they still won’t touch your (Rally) monkeys)
I lucked […]


Gina Carano: MMA Reminds Her Of Sex (Me Too!)

If Anthony Hopkins had lost a kidney as a youth, I think he would’ve ended up looking (and talking) like CBS late night talkshow host Craig Ferguson. Ferguson is a (sometimes) mildly amusing Scot who seems to get something extra out of his guests at times - mainly because of his penchant for going into […]


Wanna Get Shot? Wear Fresno St. Gear In Fresno

Now I know why the LOS ANGELES TIMES didn’t lay off Diane Pucin. She has a terrific hustle piece today on one of the tragic offshoots of the success of the Fresno State football program. Although the team is wildly popular locally, if you’re under 18 and live in the Central Valley, you probably don’t […]


Ballooning Baron Davis: “I’m On Jenny Craig!”

PEOPLE mag reports today something that I unintentionally tipped you off to yesterday: Baron Davis may have a weight problem. Now, I took a little abuse from some of you over opining that Davis looked a might tubby while frolicking on the beach with Jessica Alba last weekend in Cabo. Especially considering the Clippers guard […]


Jessica Alba In Midseason Form; Baron Davis Isn’t

POP SUGAR (via TRUE HOOP) has photos of Jessica Alba and Baron Davis frolicking on the (freezing) beach in Cabo last weekend. Alba is only four months removed from pregnancy while Davis is only three weeks away from leading the Clippers against the Lakers in a preseason tilt (My Boy Barry has your tickets).

So take […]


Lakers Station Blows Out LA Guy For Syndication

Indulge me on some local yocal radio news here in L.A.: Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports this week that longtime Los Angeles sports radio host Joe McDonnell will be replaced on the KLAC-AM evening shift by Tony Bruno’s new syndicated show. KLAC is the Lakers’ radio flagship and a stalwart in the […]


Radio Host Bitch-Slaps Bloviating Gasbag Fulmer

Dan Le Batard spent the first hour of his radio show today on Miami’s 790 The Ticket complaining on-air to his staff about their booking Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer as a guest. The Vols are playing Florida this Saturday, and apparently Le Batard’s guest booker, Mike Ryan, thought it a good idea to bring […]


Hank Williams Officially Qualified To Be President

Case you haven’t noticed, we started a new thing today on SbB called the “Speed Read.” If you check it every morning (posted at 8:30a ET) , you won’t miss a damn thing from the night before and early AM (we’re west coast, get it?). We’ve also jammed a poll in there for your amusement, […]