‘Evil’ Boxer Vargas Tries To Evict Mom From Home

Raul Hernandez of the VENTURA COUNTY STAR has a sad, ugly story today involving boxer Fernando Vargas and his mother, Alicia Romo.

(Vargas’ Mom: Gets Hit With Eviction Notice From Boxer. Vargas: Gets Hit.)
His mother, Alicia Romo, contends that in 1999 Vargas talked her into signing over her portion of the title to the property […]


Arreola a Punching Bag As Rose Deployed Airbags

Only notables from the Vladimir Klitschko-Chris Arreola fight here in L.A. last night:

A (very) sad sack Arreola cried in the ring after a bloody beatdown from Klitschko.

(Pondering if she double-swiped his card on purpose)
While a ringside Pete Rose was to be commended for his decision to double-bag, which brought out the best of the […]


You, Too, Can Buy Evander Holyfield’s Sunshine

Remember a few days when we brought you the guide on how to keep from going broke after gaining millions as an athlete? We meant it all, athletes; have you hired your accountant yet? But as for what pushes these men into bankruptcy in the first place, it’s usually at least one of two things: […]


Kellerman Gets Roasted For Mayweather Interview

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Deputy Barney Fife became a ringside television boxing reporter — and I know you have — then you need to see the video following the jump, below, of HBO’s Max Kellerman.

Kellerman has absolutely no intention of letting Floyd Mayweather speak following the boxer’s victory over Juan Manuel […]


Female Boxer Beats Up British Soldiers For Kissing

If you know me, then you know I like stories with female Canadian boxers who knock out male British soldiers with one punch, and in the ensuing melee someone’s nose gets bitten off. That’s why I’m so glad that I came into work this morning.

Ashley Wolfe (above), the 5-foot-3 wife of a British army sergeant, […]


Old Boxing Guy Says MMA Is For Gays & Racists

If the name “Bob Arum” sounds only vaguely familiar, that’s okay. That’s because boxing is only vaguely familiar to many younger sports fans, a demographic that has trended largely toward MMA over the last few years. But Arum’s a fight promoter, one who’s been in the business for decades, and is in charge of the […]


Mayweather’s Car Part Of Vegas Shooting Probe?

We’ve got some wild business coming out of Las Vegas, where Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s training to fight next month. Among other things, maybe; that’s for the Las Vegas Police Department to investigate. See, while Mayweather’s not a suspect in a shooting at a roller rink (?!), his car’s a central aspect of the investigation.

(Say, we […]


Ochocinco Shouldn’t Be Challenging Andre Berto

One of the downsides of Twitter is that it has provided unfettered access to athletes and their most immediate thoughts, the ones that colleges and pro franchises spend years coaching them not to repeat publicly in order to avoid embarrassment. So you’ve got to think there’s nothing worse for the Cincinnati Bengals’ front office than […]


Jose Canseco To Fight Rodney King. No, Honestly

There is a part of us that wants to believe Jose Canseco and take him seriously. He was right about A-Rod using steroids and right about Manny Ramirez using them. If you want to see what blackballing looks like, check out Canseco and the way the sport and its press treat him.

(Just a reminder: a […]


Former UFC Champion: ‘I Played Russian Roulette’

When Andrei “Pit Bull” Arlovski left UFC for Affliction in 2008, he was considered to be hot on the comeback trail, and perhaps one of the sport’s fastest-rising stars — especially after ending Ben Rothwell’s 13-fight win streak in Affliction: Banned on July 19 of that year. But he had also ended a relationship with […]