HBO Caves To Mayweather, Will Muzzle Merchant

HBO PPV provided the public with boxing’s most memorable showdown in 2011, televising a Sept. 17, 2011, ring exchange that somehow generated hundreds of millions of web video views despite the limited distribution of pay-per-view.

(HBO Allowing Mayweather to Censor Merchant, Lamps? Keep Reading) 
Six days ago, new HBO President Ken Hershman proudly announced an […]


Longtime HBO Sports President Greenburg Fired

Ross Greenburg has been fired as HBO Sports President.

(Losing Pacquaio To Showtime Cost Longtime HBO Sports President His Job)
Greenburg’s termination will be announced by HBO as soon as this week. A severance package between the two parties was agreed upon last week.
To cushion the blow of Greenburg’s forced ouster, HBO will not announce his […]


Wikileaks: Ricardo Mayorga Rape Trial Was Fixed

For the first time since he was knocked out in the 12th round by Shane Mosley in 2008, boxer Ricardo Mayorga will step back into the ring Friday. In a card set by Don King, Mayorga will take on Michael Walker at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

At this point in his career the 37-year-old Mayorga, […]


Accuser Filed False Floyd Abuse Report In 2003

Lance Pugmire of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being sought by Las Vegas Police today for questioning after the mother of three of his four children, Josie Harris, claimed to authorities that she was abused by the boxer.

A Las Vegas Police spokesman reported that Harris summoned police to Mayweather’s […]


Introducing Floyd Mayweather’s “Life Skills Class”

Here’s a photo Floyd Mayweather recently posted of himself and linked to his Twitter account.

Floyd wrote of the photo: “I’m teaching a life skills class to the youth at my boxing camp.”
To be a fly on the wall for that skull session! While we can only guess what worldly wisdom Mayweather imparted, perhaps some of […]


Floyd Fight Celeb: Famous Beyond All Recognition

Trying to find out exactly who would pay big money to attend the latest Floyd Mayweather free money fiesta? I regret to inform that caption writers at the ASSOCIATED PRESS and are of absolutely no use.

(Time to freshen up the representation?)
Okay, lighten up Nick Cannon fan. It’s not like the same thing happened three […]


The Sole Reason Ali’s Deified While Tiger’s Reviled

Before the Olbermann v. Simmons thing asploded recently, I was asked during an interview for an upcoming E! television special on Tiger Woods to compare the celebrity of Woods to Muhammad Ali.

(’Champ, seen my waffle iron?)
I said Ali was the only enduring, authentic worldwide sports celebrity we’ll ever know1. His phenomena was just recent […]


God The Reason Holyfield Abused Pregnant Wife?

Today’s restraining order by the wife of an athlete is brought to you by Candi Holyfield, Evander Holyfield’s wife.

(Handy! Restraining Order Available Online)
Candi requested and was granted the restraining order against the boxer last week by Fayette County, Georgia, Judge Tommy Hankinson.


Holyfield Ex-Wife’s Credit Card “literally wore out”

Evander Holyfield has reportedly requested an Atlanta-based court alter his child support payments to ex-wife Dr. Janice Itson. T.K Stewart of has background:

Itson was Holyfield’s second wife. The couple had one child together, a son, Elijah Jedidiah Holyfield. But during the time they were married, Holyfield fathered two other children out of wedlock with […]


Arum: Mayweather, Jr. an “ignorant, illiterate kid”

Today’s Bob Arum gave us a command performance promoting what will probably be his last superfight. Never thought I’d say this, but Arum has quite literally done the impossible. He’s somehow succeeded in convincing the media and fight fans that a fight that will generate the most money in the history of the sport could […]