Buck O’Neil Honored With Monument-al Mistake

A note to all future PR people: When you are organizing efforts to get a monument made honoring someone, you might want to make sure you spell the person’s name correctly on the monument! It’s probably worth an extra proofread.

This monument, for legendary ballplayer Buck O’Neil, went up a few weeks ago in Forest Hill […]


Manny Ramirez Knows His Way Around Left Field

Just when you thought Manny Ramirez could not top himself, he does. The following clip courtesy of DEADSPIN shows the man who has redefined the position of left field, at his very best.

Nobody dives for a ball, misses it by about 3 feet and crawls on top of said ball quite like you, Manny. FOX […]


Laker Girl Whitney Once A Celtics Cheerleader

Most sports fans will tell you that it’s sacrilege to switch allegiances from one team to another in the same sport.

But does that same rule apply to cheerleaders?


Why Switzerland Isn’t Really Known For Its Hockey

Switzlerland has many iconic tokens. Chocolate? Yep. Tiny militant knives? You betcha. Hockey? Well, no, at least in the way they’d hope. Via THE FACEOFF CIRCLE, they may have gotten shelled by Russia 6-0 at the world championships in Quebec City, but the score is misleading. It was far from a shutout. Swiss defender Philippe […]


Rowand Should’ve Skipped That White Castle Visit

It’s been quite enjoyable to tune into Cincinnati Reds games this year - not for the play on the field, but the action in the press box. When it’s not Jeff Brantley calling out players for not being clutch - only to have said player immediately hit a game-winning home run - it’s Marty Brennaman […]


Dirk Nowitzki: The NBA’s Answer To Michael Cera

Somebody needs to find Dirk Nowitzki and tell him that the NBA doesn’t give out Awkward White Player Of The Year Awards, because he might destroy everything in his path before the Mavs even get started in the playoffs.

CHEAP AND DIRTY brings us a YouTube clip of the closing moments of the Mavericks-Spurs game last […]


What Does “Nine Years Ago” Have To Do With It?

Chris Berman responds today in the MIAMI HERALD to now-notorious internet videos of him acting like a jackass on the set of Monday Night Football.

And the only thing more absurd than the unpleasant behavior seen by Berman in the videos is his subsequent reaction to them getting out.


Phillies Pull Off All-Time Prank On Pitcher Kendrick

Hello, kids. This is Richard McPlenty, and I’m here to take you through another lazy Sunday. What better way to kick things off than with a little bit of mischief at the expense of young Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick.

G.M. Ruben Amaro Jr. was in on it. Manager Charlie Manuel was in on it. Heck, I […]


Latest Berman Video: Al Michaels Is A “F**khead”

What’s this? Yet another Chris Berman video? Joyfully, it’s true. YouTube member Ampex2000 unleashes the latest from Boomer’s behind-the-scenes braggadocio.
In this installment, Berman practices one of the hardest things he’s ever had to say to former co-worker Al Michaels - “Thanks, Al!” (language slightly NSFW):

Of course, the best is saved for last, as Berman […]


HBO Saves Dan Marino A Future Hairline Fracture

HBO today announced that it cancelled our favorite show that people stopped watching back in the late ’80s, “Inside The NFL.” HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg: “Inside the NFL has been a hallmark program for three decades on HBO. It has been a terrific franchise. But the television landscape has changed quite […]