South Carolina Should Heed Zebra Crossing Signs

It hasn’t been a pretty conference schedule for South Carolina. As if facing defending champs LSU wasn’t enough Saturday, they had to deal with some extra shenanigans. In a crucial red zone possession late in the first half, the Gamecocks had to line up against 12 defenders. Why didn’t the ref throw a flag? Because […]


That Flag On The Play? It Came From The Stands

EAGLE IN ATLANTA and WIZARD OF ODDS have this fun video from last Saturday’s Boston College-Virgina Tech game:

ESPN analyst Bob Davie after an incompleted pass that looked like it could’ve been interference: “That flag really came out late.” (video after the jump)


TBS Shows Their Bloopers Over Rays’ Mistakes

TBS couldn’t show the first inning of Game Six of the ALCS Saturday night because of an unplanned power outage that prevented them from routing feeds out to their viewership.  Rays fans would have preferred to stick with the Steve Harvey marathon that TBS used to fill dead air as the Rays lost 4-2, forcing […]


Reporter Gets Smacked In Boob During Interview

Seems like everyone’s getting in on the prank game these days. While watching an interview take place between Phillies legend Gary Matthews and NBC reporter Dawn Timmeney, Scott Palmer, the Director of Public Affairs for the Phillies, thought he might play a little prank on the pair. The plan was to gently toss a baseball […]


DeSean Jackson Has A History Of Messing Up TDs

A friend of mine went into last night’s Monday Night Football game with a five-point deficit in his fantasy football game, and in his league, the only thing you get points for is touchdowns. He had one player active last night, and it was Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

So when Donovan McNabb hit Jackson […]


Nutty Squirrel Interrupts Indians-White Sox Game

Here’s some lighter fare as we round out this Friday afternoon. Below is video via AWFUL ANNOUNCING of a squirrel that snuck onto the field during yesterday’s Indians/White Sox game. That’s happened occasionally during baseball games and Christmas dinners but this guy stole the show, making his way from the outfield and along […]


Soccer Player Scores the Scariest Hat Trick of All

Every now and then, a headline surfaces that makes you put down your coffee, sit back in your chair, and quietly admire the skill and precision of the writer. (Off the top of our heads, our favorite is the infamous NEW YORK POST “Ike Beats Tina to Death” headline.) So when we saw this one […]


BBC Sports Reporter Mocks Spanish Plane Crash

There are a few things you should never mock in life. One of them (lookin’ at you, Larry Brown!) is airplane crashes. Just nothing funny about people dying on board a hunk of metal moving several thousand feet above the ground.

So when BBC soccer reporter Chris Price decided to make a sports/plane crash analogy, […]


Butterfingers Plague Both American Relay Teams

That’s certainly a disappointing way to close out the Beijing Olympics. During preliminary races this morning (or is it yesterday afternoon? or tomorrow night?) both men’s and women’s 400M relay teams from Team America were disqualified after a good old fashioned case of oopsies.

For the men, it was the combination of Tyson Gay and Darvis […]


Slow Internet Connection Plagues Beijing Olympics

If you’re currently reading this in Beijing, you might want to walk away from the computer for a bit, maybe go out, get some lunch (our advice: stay away from the “steamed pullet”) and by the time you come back, the rest of the page will (hopefully) be completely downloaded. You see, Beijing is having […]