Delany’s Failure To Monitor Exposes OSU Coverup

It has taken nothing short of on-the-record, documented evidence of NCAA violations perpetrated by the Ohio State football program to produce what is rapidly becoming one of the biggest scandals in college sports history.

If not for a certified United States Department of Justice communique to Ohio State officials documenting the sale and transfer of memorabilia […]


World Cup: FIFA Drops Referee Koman Coulibaly

There’s been much speculation as to the fate of African World Cup referee Koman Coulibaly after his blown call in the U.S.A.’s last match against Slovenia.

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Today FIFA finally officially responded to the matter, if not indirectly, by not assigning Coulibaly to the next round of World Cup […]


Keith Hernandez Falls Mets During Asleep Game

Mets TV announcer Keith Hernandez fell asleep during the team’s extra-inning broadcast against the Giants last Saturday.

What happens when extra racks keep a guy up all night.


Big Ten Scorekeepers Take Pity On EMU Eagles

Look, it’s pretty obvious that the Northwestern Wildcats will probably end up doing bad, bad things to the woeful Eastern Michigan Eagles today. It’s a matchup borne out of money and a desire for an easy win. You know it, I know it, both teams probably know it. No, Northwestern isn’t exactly national championship material, […]


Behold! Yet Another Glorious Jemele Hill Faux Pas

The scene: Jemele Hill’s brain, which very much resembles Oliver Hardy, is glaring at her mouth, which is the spitting image of Stan Laurel. Her brain looks disgusted, adjusts its bowler hat, and says derisively: “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!” Oh, Jemele. Why?

Apparently still feeling the effects of being allegedly stalked […]


Steve Spurrier Blames Staff For Snubbing Tebow

Personally I think that preseason all-conference voting is somewhat stupid, but if you’re going to have it, for Pete’s sake take it seriously. Steve Spurrier, no Tim Tebow action figure for you. Spurrier revealed that it was indeed he who was the lone coach who did not vote for Tebow on the preseason All-SEC ballot, […]


Michael Jordan And The Gigantic Inflatable Penis

You never really know what’s going to happen on the 17th at Edgewood Tahoe when the American Century Celebrity Championship is in town. The fairway runs right along the lake, which means anyone with a boat can anchor right off the beach and watch for free. Many hop off their boats and watch up close, […]


We Suspect Dana Jacobson May Be Drinking Again

We suppose that we can forgive Dana Jacobson this minor transgression, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. During ESPN’s “First Take” this morning, Jacobson referred to college basketball analyst Stephen Bardo thusly: “St. Louis is considered one of America’s greatest sports towns, but is it the best? Skip and Stephen A. will debate that, coming up next.” […]


Joe Morgan Tries To Repair Another WTF Moment

When Joe Morgan tells this story four or five years from now, it’s going to be a lot more interesting than it is today. President Obama will likely be involved, and Joe will be the hero, possibly saving a busload of schoolchildren from a bear. So I would advise waiting until then for him to […]


The Nationals Are Not Exactly Hooked On Phonics

You laughed at their jerseys, and searched their media guide to no avail trying to find someone named Jordan Zimmerman. Now the Washington Nationals have struck again. Hmm. Instead of signing a pitcher before the trading deadline, I suggest a couple of characters from “Sesame Street.”

The most remedial of all major professional sports franchises is […]