NY Times: Sports Blog Sold For ‘low seven figures’

Richard Sandomir of the NEW YORK TIMES reports today on the sale of TheBigLead.com.

The Big Lead, an independent blog that Jason McIntyre began as a hobby, is fixated on sports media, news and gossip. Along the way, it has built a devoted, if not huge, social media following.
Now, a buyer has established a value for […]


The Bloggers Who Are Reinventing Sports Media

Whether you know it or not, the sports blog genre has reinvented the way sports news is presented and distributed by main media. In case you’re unaware of some of the most influential folks who continue to advance that process, here they are:

(Murderer’s Row Minus Stirrup Socks)
Rick Chandler, Will Leitch (buy his new book) […]


Donaghy: Rivers ‘questioned’ Ref’s Sex Preference

Sunday night disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy appeared on a podcast hosted by Celtics bloggers Nick Gelso and Brandon Paul on BlogTalkRadio.com.

During his two-hour guest appearance, Donaghy was asked the following:
One of the referees I’ve been annoyed with over the years is Bill Kennedy, every time he has a Celtics game I almost know […]


Canada Pulls Out Big Gums For Gold Medal Game

With the Canada v. USA hockey rematch likely be the signature moment for The Vancouver Games, Team Canada and its fans plan on doing whatever it takes to grin win.

(Puck you, Daddy)
I’d have left Don Cherry in the booth, but that’s me.


Update On What Linda Cohn Didn’t Say About me

UPDATE: I’ve been told that Cohn actually said “time” and the interview was incorrectly transcribed. Much ado about nothing. My apologies to Linda, who has always been a cool lady. Should’ve known.
Jimmy Shapiro of SportsRadioInterviews.com tipped me off to an interview by ESPN’s Linda Cohn on 790 The Zone in Atlanta this morning that contained […]


‘CEO’ Who Ambushed Oden Worships God, Penis

John Canzano of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN introduces us to the trailblazing chap who is apparently so infatuated with Greg Oden’s penis that he thought the rest of the world should share in his obsession:

The cat goes by the name “Q” and calls himself the “CEO” of the Web site. On his outgoing voicemail message the […]


Man Who Inspired ‘SportsCenter’, ‘PTI’ Passes On

Longtime D.C. sportscaster George Michael passed away today. From the WASHINGTON POST:

(Turning slot machine into a “SportsMachine!” changed sports media)
From 1984 to 2007, he oversaw a trendsetting show that made liberal use of action highlights from games that was eventually called “The George Michael Sports Machine.” At its peak, the show was syndicated to more […]


Paul Pierce Wants To “Raise the rim three inches”

Paul Pierce blogs this suggestion to the NBA today in the BOSTON GLOBE:

Raise the rim three inches: The athletes today are crazy. You see the way guys are jumping these days. I would raise the rim three inches. Then, you have to learn the art of the jump shot. You’ll have to know how to […]


Did ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons Lift Blogger’s Idea?

Chris Mottram of SBNation.com points out an interesting coincidence between an ESPN.com Bill Simmons piece today and a post written by SBNation’s Andrew Sharp the previous day.

Sharp noted on Thursday that Titans’ running back Chris Johnson would probably be enjoying more celebrity if he had a more unconventional name. Simmons the next day? Same. Graf […]


And Caron Butler Doesn’t Even Own a Skateboard

The name of Caron Butler’s new blog at NBA.com is called THE REAL JUICE. He came up with the name after breaking an addiction that had seemingly taken over his life:

Mountain Dew.
To try and give this up was CRAZY for me! I was going through withdrawals. I was in the bed sweating. My wife would […]