Gammo: Fans ‘Don’t Care To Know’ About ‘Roids?

Peter Gammons is a treasure. Love watching and listening to him. No one knows or cares more about baseball.

(ARod gave steroid confession to Gammons last February)
But something he wrote today @ about the ongoing media and fan treatment of Mark McGwire disturbed me a little.
Clearly the baseball public is different than the public […]


Majority Of Georgians Polled Want All-White Hoops

The ABC-TV affiliate in Augusta (WJBF) and the Fox-TV affiliate in Atlanta (WAGA) had the unfortunate idea to run polls about the proposed latent homosexual all-white basketball league by Don “Moose” Lewis.

(Think he’ll spend the evening alone?)
The Atlanta TV poll asked viewers: “Do you think Lewis’ all-white professional basketball league is racist?” 54% responded, […]


Or See Latent Homosexual Basketball Association

Billy Byler of the AUGUSTA CHRONICLE has what seems like a harmless press release about the formation of a basketball minor league:

(Literalists, go no further.)
The All-American Basketball Alliance announced in a news release Sunday evening that it intends to start its inaugural season in June and hopes Augusta will be one of 12 cities with […]


Gilbert Arenas Appears in New PETA Ad Campaign

Maybe today wasn’t the best day for PETA to introduce it’s new ad campaign featuring Gilbert Arenas:

And a close-up of Gil’s non-mink ink:

I personally prefer the poses done by Amanda Beard and Tony Gonzalez’s wife October.
Thanks to Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG for the tip.


Confirmed: Former NBA Cheerleader Doing Porn

UPDATE: Since my post the NBA has taken down the photos of former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Briana, who turned to a career in porn. Thank goodness for the Google cache!
United Business Media has the delightful story of a former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader named Briana who is now an enthusiastic porn participant code-named “Brandy Blair“:

(Porno site […]


Minor League Baller Scores Bass Ackwards Shot

Tyler Amaya of the Bellingham Slam of the International Basketball League had 44 points in a game the other night, but that’s not the reason I’m posting a frame-by-frame of his performance.

A seated Amaya scored from the lane with an over-the-shoulder, one-handed shot with his back to the basket. For some reason I think of […]


Isiah Savaged By Fans In Second College Game

I’m pleased to report that though UNC’s fans rolled over for Isiah Thomas in his coaching debut for FIU at Chapel Hill, Howard Beck of the NEW YORK TIMES notes that Monmouth University students did no such thing last night.

(Isiah: Vicious, off-color taunts were in “good fun”?!) 
There were chants about Thomas’s sleeping-pill overdose last […]


Did Byron Scott Kill His Career With A Nine-Iron?

When things are going wrong with a basketball program, no matter the level, the fan’s first instinct is to examine the coach’s priorities. Indeed, one of the worst indictments of a coach’s commitment to the program/franchise/rec league is that “he’d rather be working on his golf game than his team’s game.” You can probably already […]


Reporter Dunks On Little Kid, Causes Him to Cry

Making yourself look like an idiot on television isn’t hard.  You can go the route of the “random fan,” screaming in the background while people are trying to talk about the game.  You could attempt a trick on your bicycle, only to introduce your testicles to a steel beam.  Or, in the case of Pat […]


Brad Miller’s Buzzer-Beater: Was It Off In Time?

Shame shame if you missed tonight’s Bulls-Nuggets game; it featured one of the closest game-ending calls in recent memory - certainly the closest of the young season. Quick recap to set the scene: Nuggets lead throughout the 4th quarter, only to see the Bulls make up a 7-point deficit late and tie the game at […]