Valentines Day: For Lovers And ‘Sh** Talking F***s’

As you would expect, it’s been an eventful Valentine’s Day for Jose Canseco. No, to my knowledge the restraining orders remain in effect and the tanning bed endorsement has yet to come through.

But as a former baseball superstar now enjoying life as a pop culture icon, it’s a given that Canseco’s V-Day was significant. To […]


Mr. Dykstra: Where’s Your Son’s $737,000 Bonus?

Today is Len Dykstra’s 47th birthday, and apparently to celebrate, he’s launched another rip-off investment site to steal your money. (Masochists: find it yourself.)

(Cutter Dykstra: What did Dad Len Do With His $737,000 bonus?)
Case you don’t know, Dykstra filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last July, listing fewer than $50,000 in assets against $10 to […]


Brooke Hundley: Steve Phillips’ Black Tar Heroine

Jason McIntyre of has a nice catch today, reporting on Steve Phillips mistress Brooke Hundley lashing out at her former lover.

In comments on her Facebook account this week, Hundley disputed that Phillips was a sex addict, claiming that a “true sex addict has an unrelenting need to get sex anywhere anytime and rack up […]


Lasorda Posts Pic Of Dude With a Dodger Eyeball

Tommy Lasorda Tweeted this fine photo today:

“Twitpic of the Day: I met this guy at a disabled vets event. He lost his eye and replaced it with a Dodger eye!”
Let me be the first to thank Ned Colletti for his service. (Accompanying skin flap a nice touch.)


New Photos: Pete Rose’s Nudie Model Girlfriend

Three months ago I introduced you to Pete Rose’s girlfriend Kiana Kim. We’ve known for some time now that Ms. “Kim” was going to pose nude for Playboy, but to this point we haven’t had any hot photos of her at all - until now:

(Eighty and the Vamp)
Kim now has her own website, replete […]


Photos: Victim Of Alleged Brutal Attack By Pitcher

Craig Malisow of the HOUSTON PRESS reports:

(Alleged attacker Broadway (left) and McGuire have not been charged)
A former relief pitcher for the Chicago White Sox and New York Mets has been sued for allegedly assaulting a Woodlands man during a New Year’s Eve party in Dallas.
Randy Sorrels, attorney for 25-year-old Ivan Pinney, said his client’s left […]


Mark Grace: Died At Fantasy Camp? That’s $2 Fine

Dan Bickley of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC with a gem of a column today. Lede:

The dawn of baseball season seemed so bright. The Diamondbacks had reunited with Gonzo (Luis Gonzalez), now a club employee. They had refitted with some deft moves from their general manager, adding the spice of promise to spring training. And then Donald […]


Confirmed: Derek Jeter Not Marrying Minka Kelly

Today a source confirmed to me that Derek Jeter has no immediate plans to marry Minka Kelly, nor is the couple engaged. The NEW YORK POST reported on Jan. 10 that the couple would marry at Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y., in November.

(Jeter’s 30-year-old sister Sharlee is marrying rapper Skyzoo)
I’ve learned that Jeter’s 30-year-old […]


McGwire Lying Confession Worse Than His Hiding

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY has a thorough rundown of reax from the media to Mark McGwire’s steroid admission yesterday. While most opinions of McGwire’s limited contrition skew negative, none I saw called it what it really was if you believe ESPN Investigative Reporter T.J. Quinn and Jose Canseco.

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newsroom Watching McGwire Last Night)
Quinn was […]


Mark McGwire Admits To Steroids; Cites Injuries

Mark McGwire released a statement to the ASSOCIATED PRESS today admitting that he took steroids when he was playing Major League Baseball.

“I wish I had never touched steroids/ It was foolish and it was a mistake. I truly apologize. Looking back, I wish I had never played during the steroid era.”
“I never knew when, but […]