Home Run King’s Mother Died At 108. We Hope.

The Japanese League baseball club Softbank Hawks announced today that the Tomi Oh, mother of Japanese baseball legend and team Chairman Sadaharu Oh, died Monday of pneumonia in a Tokyo hospital at the age of 108.

Sadaharu Oh said of his mother, who was born in the city of Toyama in September, 1901, and gave birth […]


Highest Paid Batboy In MLB History Makes Debut

Last Sunday starting Cincinnati Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who is currently on the 15-day disabled list with strained oblique muscle, made history.

(More from Reds batboy Luke Stowe on Cabrera’s performance)
Cabrera, who is making $2.3 million this year, became the highest paid batboy in baseball history by assisting the club’s regular batboy, 16-year-old Luke Stowe.
From […]


Dodger Stadium Empty Seats No Longer Accidental

Thanks to the genius of UNI WATCH BLOG, today I was most fortunate to unearth a priceless baseball homage now-forever frozen in time.

(Apparently TV writers were on strike in ‘81 too)
That being a 1981 episode of The Greatest American Hero called, “The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast Ball.”
When America’s national pastime and national security are endangered, FBI […]


Mom: Cops Thought MLB Son Was Pacman Jones

While traveling with the team to Toronto on Thursday, Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was reportedly detained at the Toronto airport for 10 hours.

While he was in custody, Jones Tweeted that he was “detained by immigration in canada for no false accusations till 5am and appreciate someone from the team making sure were ok […]


Red Sox Prospect Left Tix For Erin Andrews Every Day For 3 Years

Apparently legit Red Sox prospect Daniel Nava is a big Erin Andrews fan and has long employed a seemingly futile scheme to try her. The Boston AAA prospect leaves a ticket for Andrews at each Pawtucket Red Sox game.

(From Red Sox AAA minor league announcer Dan Hoard)
Backstory from a recent MLB.com blog entry by […]


Anthem Flap: No Son, It’s “Oh Say Can You SEE”

The regrettably named Rain Smith reports for the KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES-NEWS that before a local high school baseball game last month, a Powell Valley (VA) ballplayer urinated on the field during the national anthem.

Acting on a dare, a Powell Valley baseball player lined up with his fellow Vikings for the National Anthem, unzipped his pants […]


Japan League’s ‘Opening Catch’ In Wedding Dress

Among the Rites of Spring for me is relentless attacks on my inbox from minor league baseball teams touting lame-o promotions. Having worked in minor league baseball myself, I thought by now that every possible cultural reference had been expended in an attempts to drum up artificial interest in a baseball game.

But then I […]


Mantle’s Nephew: Singer, Actor, Transvestite

Last Monday a reader sent me a video interview of a transvestite show business performer named Kelly Mantle.

(Kelly Mantle (r): Nephew of switch-hitting Yankees legend Mickey)
Mr. Mantle is the son of 69-year-old Larry “Butch” Mantle, brother of New York Yankees great Mickey Mantle.


Baseball Instruction’s Seminal Moment Arrives

A reader’s handy tip today uncovered┬áthis exciting development:

(Reddick: Expansive Experience In Hitting Strokes)Load To Explode marks the largest headway in baseball instruction since Tom Emanski caught the public’s eye with his potent dose of repetitive, tool-developing drills.Stop stalling fella, grab your bat and put your order in today!


McGwire: ESPN Ignores Steroids, Brother’s Claim

In a story dated Feb. 22 and today, the excellent baseball writer Tim Kurkjian did an ESPN video and print piece on Mark McGwire and Albert Pujols. Remarkably, Kurkjian did not ask McGwire or Pujols about steroids or PEDs in print or on video.

Today ESPN.com posted a video and print piece by Mike Fish for […]