Video: The Finest Sports Documentary Ever Made

Today I watched a documentary by Richard Linklater about venerable Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido called, Inning By Inning: A Portrait of a Coach. Below is a small assemblage of clips from the finest piece of sports documentary filmmaking I’ve seen.

The video above, which is extremely not safe for work and inappropriate for children, was […]


McCourt’s Charities: Backed By Stolen Ponzi Cash

On Nov. 28, 2008, Los Angeles Dodgers team owner Frank McCourt and team president Jamie McCourt announced a partnership between the ‘Dodgers Dream Foundation’ and the local Friedman Charitable Foundation to build 42 baseball diamonds around the city.

As part of the charitable venture, the McCourts noted that Bruce Friedman, Chair of the Friedman Charitable Foundation, […]


Dodger Fans Unanimous On Team’s Next Owner

While Los Angeles, sans Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, continues to luxuriate in Frank McCourt’s ouster, KFI-AM reporter Shannon Farren, polled Dodger fans this week on who they wanted as the next owner of the team.

The results were unanimous.
Thanks to David Perez and Aron Bender.
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Selig Forced FRANKenstein Monster On Dodgers

As Los Angeles Dodgers fans celebrate the demise of Frank McCourt’s appalling stewardship of the Dodgers the past seven years, somehow Bud Selig has emerged in the media as a heroic figure swooping in to save the day.

(Dr. Selig: No Choice Now But To Slay His Very Own L.A. Creation)
Nothing could be further from […]


Need Baseball Gambling Tips? Ask The Marlins

South Florida sports radio host Andy Slater of 640 AM Sports recently noted on his weekday talk show that the Marlins are currently advertising for a sports handicapper website behind home plate and on television game broadcasts.

From an interview between Bud Selig and Peter Keating in ESPN THE MAGAZINE on April 1, 2011:
The Mag: Let’s […]


Comatose Fan: Giants Offer Reward, Not Dodgers!

Earlier this week I brought you the appallingly insensitive reaction of Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt after a fan was beaten into a coma in the Dodger Stadium parking lot following a Dodgers-Giants game last week.

Since McCourt’s unbelievably tone deaf response, local media-fueled public outrage in Los Angeles has grown exponentially, so much so that McCourt […]


McCourt Turns Back Clock On Blunt Force Trauma

When he isn’t stealing $140 million from the Dodgers to buy luxury homes and fund his laughably extravagant lifestyle or attempting to buy off his former bride with $200 million earmarked for the team, Frank McCourt is practicing the kind of public relations skills that undoubtedly led Sunday’s Giants-Dodgers game to be played in a […]


MLBer: ‘Something Bad Needs To Happen’ To Vick

Animal rescue advocates Mark and wife Jamie Buerhle were profiled today by Scott Merkin in a piece published by

(Merkin Tweeted quotes before deleted them from piece)
As part of the story, Chicago White Sox Pitcher Buerhle said of notorious past dog abuser Michael Vick:
“He had a great year and a great comeback, […]


Dear Rally Monkey, It’s Over. Yours Truly, DJ Kitty

Today Rick Chandler at’s Out of Bounds tipped me off to the Tampa Rays’ new rally mascot:

DJ Kitty.
As my friends at the Huffington Post would say, WATCH:


Drunk Driver After Adenhart Crash: “Run Bitch

Larry Welborn of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports that secret Orange County (CA) Grand Jury testimony that led to Andrew Thomas Gallo being charged with three counts of second-degree murder and several other serious felonies for his role in the April 8, 2009, death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two young adult passengers has […]