Hot Girl Hits An Amazing Trick Golf Shot…Maybe

Happy Fourth of July weekend, even though it’s almost over. I hope you’re out barbecuing instead of reading blogs, and I hope your barbecue is something like this.

Read: cute girls in short shorts, freely flowing beer, and ill-advised horseplay. But sometimes those factors combine in a magical way, like in this video that represents everything […]


Mike Vick’s Hard-Knock House Arrest Holiday BBQ

It’s no secret that last week Michael Vick was released from prison to home confinement; it seems like every major media outlet in the country rolled the completely boring footage of Vick’s entourage rolling up to his Virginia manse. With nowhere to go, you might think the nation’s most famous construction worker would have a […]


Boy Jumps Off Roof, WWE Gets Blamed (Again)

Hey, it’s mid-April already and we haven’t yet blamed pro wrestling for someone else’s neglect. Well, all is right with the world, as friends and family say a 9-year-old boy was just trying to imitate his favorite WWE wrestler when he jumped off the roof of his 13-story apartment building.

Damori Miles, a special education student […]


Introducing Scott Boras’ Next MLB Holdout Client

San Diego State pitcher Stephen Strasburg has been mowing down hitters at an unprecendented rate with a 100 MPH fastball and vicious 94 MPH slider (!). One scout recently told ESPN’s Buster Olney that Strasburg is the best prospect he’s ever seen.

With that kind of talent, and being in located in SoCal, I think it’s […]


Town Threatens to Fine Kids For Playing Outdoors

The town of Newark, Nottinghamshire has declared war on fun. A council from the British town has begun issuing letters to children warning them that they face “prosecution and fines of up to £100 if they annoy neighbours with ball games.”

While we’re not entirely sure about the legality of such measures - can a council […]


America’s New Sensation: Cardboard Tube Fights

Kids today increasingly participate in sports. They learn how to succeed in sports. They sign up for leagues in sports. They join traveling teams in sports. However, they have slowly stopped playing sports. Sports should fall under the “play” side of the ledger, not the “work” side.
For us nominal adults, the […]


SbB @ MLB All-Star Game: Lady Liberty Live Blog

We’ve finally arrived at the day that most major league baseball players fondly call “the second day of my three-day fishing trip”: the MLB All-Star Game.
We made it through a lackluster Futures Game (though we don’t know why MLB treats it like the kids’ whiffle ball game at the company picnic), a Hamiltonian lightning strike […]