Has Proof Of Sandusky Case Coverup Emerged?

On May 13, 1998, and May 19, 1998, Penn State University police detective Ronald Schreffler eavesdropped on conversations Jerry Sandusky had with the mother of a boy later identified as “Victim 6″ in a 2011 grand jury presentment alleging 40 criminal counts of child sexual abuse against eight victims by the former Penn State football […]


Video: Tornado Rips 12,000-Seat Arena Roof Off

The largest arena in the state of Montana is without a roof today after a tornado tore through Billing on Sunday. The 12,000-seat Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark was heavily damaged by winds exceeding 100 mph and left the local pro indoor football team without a permanent home.

The BILLINGS GAZETTE reports that Yellowstone County […]


Unpack The Cargo Nets, The Arena League Is Back

It was a sad day about a month ago when the Arena Football League formally declared bankruptcy, closed its doors and rolled up its green indoor carpeting. But while one arm of the world’s most exciting air-conditioned sports league was laid to rest, the other, smaller portion of the league was left in indoor sports […]


Jordan, Nike Turn Hall Of Fame Into Hall Of Fake

Michael Jordan’s not a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame yet. He’s been voted in, of course, and he’ll be inducted on 9/11 (Guys, you couldn’t have picked a better day? Like literally any other day?), but technically, he’s not there yet. But he’s got an exhibit there already in advance of his enshrinement.

(Hey, […]


AFL Team Doesn’t Really Get What “Fold” Means

We continue to mourn the effective end of the Arena Football League today after their announcement that the league was folding and declaring bankruptcy. We fondly remember spending a few evenings in Veterans Auditorium in Des Moines, watching Kurt Warner throw touchdowns to guys we’d never heard of as the Barnstormers proved you can have […]


It’s Over: No More Playing Football Indoors, Kids

And so we bid a teary adieu to the Arena Football League. Sad, really. Even though I attended only one of your games, I will miss you: Your comical end zone cargo netting, your basketball-like scores, your former UC Davis quarterback Mark Griebs. You had a good run. Now it’s the UFL’s turn.

In the end, […]


Is This The End For The Arena Football League?

I used to describe the Arena Football League as like playing football in your garage, only withouth the danger of running into sharp tools. But now the league — already on ice for the 2009 season — is in danger of crashing and burning completely. What is football without giant nets to bounce your errant […]


Full Octopus Embargo Takes Hold In Pittsburgh

As we mentioned this morning, the Stanley Cup finals are now set with a rematch of last year’s Detroit-Pittsburgh finals. Detroit won last year, of course, because the Red Wings always freaking win. Apart from always winning, another galling quirk of the franchise is the fans’ propensity to throw octopi on the ice during playoffs. […]


Speed Read: Washing Our Hands of the Swine Flu

The discerning reader prefers the news (and most foods) wrapped in bacon and liberally salted with panic. Therefore, we provide your Thursday morning sports-centric swine flu stories to better arm you at the water cooler to pass along the latest gossip mumbled through your faux designer mask:

Texas has suspended all baseball and softball tournaments, eliminated […]


AFL Player Has ‘Roid Rage, Bites Off Guy’s Finger

The folks up in Tri-Cities, Washington, might want to reconsider who they just let roam the streets on bond. A former player for the area’s arena football minor league team (and really, is playing minor-league arena football really a professional sport at all?) has been bailed out of prison after allegedly punching several people and […]